Autumn in the city and region of Bern

Autumn has started: the colourful leaves sometimes dance more wildly than your parents in a snapshot on their wedding day. We will show you what to do in Bern during this colourful season.


Take a walk, listen to the rustling autumn leaves, and try to find some chestnuts – you can never get enough of nature during the most colourful season of the year. Fans of leisure and sports alike can discover the golden landscape with these tips.

Food and drinks

Pumpkin soup in a deep orange, a plate with local game and red cabbage, homemade spaetzli and “Vermicelles” (dessert made from chestnuts) with fresh cream for dessert – if your mouth is starting to water, you should definitely try the Bernese cuisine in autumn.

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    Talking of autumnal goods, have you already tried the sweet “Marroni-Biscotti” (chestnut cookies) from the local Bernese bakery bread à porter

We’ve been waiting to hear “Heisse Marroni!” (roasted chestnuts) all year long. The little chestnut huts will satiate your stomach and warm your cold fingers at the same time.

  • Bahnhofplatz, LOEB-Ecke Bulloni AG
  • Bahnhofplatz, on the western side of the Heiliggeistkirche, Bulloni AG
  • Neuengasse, station exit, Marroni Tricolore SA
  • Bärenplatz, Maletti Marco
  • Waisenhausplatz at eye-level with the Zeughausgasse, Marroni-Import Gysi & Strazzini AG
  • Below the Zytglogge (Clock Tower), Zytglogge Marroni GmbH, Bajrami Zudi

Purely cultural

The cultural events in the destination of Bern are as colourful as the leaves in autumn: musicians are tuning their instruments and actors are guiding visitors into new worlds in the vaulted cellars below the arcades. A walk under the colourful tree-lined avenues leads you to the award-winning museums that will never seize to amaze their visitors.


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    Of course, there are many more autumnal events in Bern. Take a look at our event calendar.


Autumn is many a fashionista’s favourite season. Relax in one of the numerous cozy cafés, trendy bars, or charming restaurants after a successful shopping spree and enjoy the unique treasures you’ve found in Bern’s boutiques.

Where to stay

Anybody can find suitable accommodation in Bern. Are you looking to stay in a cosy neighbourhood, close to the nightlife, or in a luxurious 5-star suite? Bern’s hotels offer a suitable place to stay for everybody. To help you choose the right one for you, we’ll even reveal our hotel tips.