Spooky Bern

The “Spooky Bern” city tour is a skin-tingling stroll through Bern’s underworld, where stories of ghosts and other specters abound. After all, the medieval narrow streets of Bern’s Old Town are fertile ground for scary stories and grisly secrets. Encounters with witches, mysterious dark shapes and banished spirits await during the tour.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bern is famous for its twisting narrow lanes, unique sidewalk arcades, “Münster” (Minster) and well-preserved sandstone facades. However, the capital city also has another, darker side. At dusk, when night falls over the city, the witching hour begins.

During this city tour, you will visit spooky spots in the Old Town and meet up with devils, prisoners, murderesses and wandering souls. The route leads past the locations of terrible crimes. Street corners and narrow lanes are silent witnesses of sinister deeds and mysterious legends.

The 90-minute tour through “spooky Bern” expertly mixes myths and terrifying tales with historical happenings. Folklore and records from three different authors serve as the basis for the tour, which takes you through Bern’s creepiest chapter.

One is the story of the unscrupulous butcher’s lad, who was turned into a calf to atone for his gruesome acts. At Junkerngasse 54, the talk turns to morbid myths surrounding this abandoned haunted house, which could never be inhabited again after the death of two lovers.

Tour participants will hear these and many other stories during the city tour – and will discover the background information about the harrowing crimes or why some souls are still wandering about, forever unredeemed.

One thing is clear, however. In Bern, it is not just murder and bloodshed that lead to the souls of sinners being condemned to wander endlessly. There are other evil deeds and tragic strokes of fate that cause even the most pious to find no peace and torment their souls continually.

Whether you are a flesh-and-blood Bern native, have relocated here or are a visitor to the capital city, the “Spooky Bern” tour offers an otherworldly experience for everyone. How about setting off on the trail of a ghost as part of a corporate event or a club excursion?

The tour has an especially sinister and authentic feel as dusk falls, so we recommend choosing the right time to start your walk with the spirits. Goosebumps guaranteed!

  • Private tour
    Availability Year-round (begins at dusk)
    Meeting point Zytglogge (Clock Tower), on Kramgasse alley
    Duration 90 Minutes
    Price CHF 300.00 per group
    Languages Swiss German, English
    Number of participants Maximum 20 people per group
    Languages German, English
    Miscellaneous On this tour, there’s no actors and no worries: we won’t scare anyone. We will not be entering any of the buildings we visit.

    Recommended minimum age: 14 years

    Reservations online, via phone at +41 31 328 12 12, or via e-mail: citytours@bern.com

  • City Tours Bern

    Bahnhofplatz 10a
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 328 12 12


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