Bern by nose

What are the real smells of Bern? This olfactory tour literally allows visitors’ noses to guide them through the city’s streets and alleys. Anyone taking this tour finds themselves immersed in the world of smells, and experiences Switzerland’s capital from a very different standpoint.

What does the smell of the wooden staircase in the Matte district remind you of? What smell greets you as you descend the steps into a vaulted cellar? What were Napoleon’s favorite smells? From sandstone to licorice and the aroma of cocoa – Bern has many unmistakable smells, scents and aromas. The background of Bern’s turbulent history provides a very special mixture for all those taking this “aroma tour”.

This walking tour of the city becomes a voyage of discovery for the senses. The reason is that Bern’s sights are surrounded by characteristic nuances of smell so that the sights are waiting to be discovered not just be the eyes and ears, but by the nose in particular. And typical smells created specially for the tour allow the history of the nation’s capital to come to life. The past, with all its associated emotions and memories, can suddenly be experienced through your nose.

Everyone using his or her senses to the full during this tour will learn all kinds of interesting facts about Bern. Anecdotes about Napoleon’s entry into Bern and his “Grande Armée”, the history of soap and the importance of incense in church are just a few of the subjects you will hear about during the tour.

The guided tour of the city ends with a visit to the “Art of Scent” perfume workshop. Bern’s parfumière Brigitte Witschi assists visitors in the creation of their own personal perfume. Visitors use pipettes, mixing glasses and precious essential oils at the end of the day to blend a very unusual and personal souvenir to take home. On request, the tour can also be taken without the visit to the perfume workshop.

  • Private Tours
    Tour available Year-round
    Meeting point "art of scent", Rathausgasse 49
    Duration 2.5 hours (incl. creation of perfume) / 90 minutes (excl. creation of perfume)
    Price CHF 600.00 (incl. creation of perfume) / CHF 300.00 (excl. creation of perfume)
    Languages German, English, French
    Number of participants Maximum 8 people per group (incl. creation of perfume) / Maximum 20 people per group (excl. creation of perfume)*

    *All participants are required to wear a protective face mask during city tours with more than 16 people. We would kindly ask all participants to bring their own protective face mask with them. 

    Tours without perfume making can be booked online.

    Guided tours including perfume making can only be booked by telephone on +41 31 328 12 12 or by e-mail

  • City Tours Bern

    Bahnhofplatz 10a
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 328 12 12


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