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Three people walk down Kramgasse in Bern, past historic buildings under yellow and black flags. They carry bright orange and purple Aarebags, their vibrant colours shining against the soft light of the setting sun. The Zytglogge, Bern's iconic clock, the silent guardian of time, sits enthroned in front of them. It is a picture full of dynamism and warmth that captures the historical beauty of the city of Bern and the relaxed atmosphere of its visitors.


We celebrate the start of summer and the Bernese way of living with various activities. Whether in the city or in the Bern region, a variety of cultural, culinary and sporting events await. Time to get some fresh air, meet up and enjoy yourself.

Current recommendations

11 Bernese Highlights in July

In July, life takes place outdoors – and how we love it! Bern has lots in store for you this month: several different festivals, including an especially family-friendly one, movie nights on the Aare river, and medieval moods in a castle courtyard. We also know the best green oasis for practising your “Ooommm” – take a look at our highlights to find out where it is. Let’s get the summer started!

There are plenty more events in Bern – take a look at our event calendar.

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