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Our Favourite Bernese Designers

Published: 10.05.2024

Attention all fashionistas: Bern’s designers put their heart and soul into their creative collections, applying innovative ideas and technologies. The local fashion scene will surprise and inspire you – here are Bern’s most creative minds.

For a memorable shopping experience that also supports local boutiques, we recommend going by the shops and studios directly. If that’s not possible, many of the designers also have an online store for you to browse.

Couture Lui Luis

Couture Lui Luis stands for Lisa Iseli’s one-woman tailor shop in the heart of Bern. In her collections, the young designer combines the cheerfulness and elegance of the 1940s and 50s with modern elements. From the first sketch to the last stitch – everything is done by Lisa Iseli herself. In addition to designing and making her own collections, she is also a custom tailor who repairs and alters her clients’ favourite pieces. The passionate designer shares the atelier and store space “Les Ateliers” with two other women, which often results in wonderful collaborations.

Couture Lui Luis, Sternengässchen 1

Thomas Jakobson

Bernese fashion designer Thomas Gfeller focuses on a very special combination: socks and bow ties. As an avid wearer of colourful socks himself, he decided in 2014 to specialize in designing socks and matching bow ties to offer fun alternatives to the boring black and white combos. His sustainable, organic collections are produced in Switzerland and Germany and will immediately put you in a good mood, whether you’re wearing them yourself or admiring someone who is. And exciting collaborations bring forward new and surprising motifs. By the way: Thomas Jakobson also has great combos for women.

c/o STOOR, Rathausgasse 53

Sattlerei Fiona Losinger

At Sattlerei Fiona Losinger, it’s all about intricate craftsmanship and simple, timeless shapes. Fiona Losinger and her team skillfully manufacture handbags, backpacks, wallets, toiletry bags and fanny packs that will last a lifetime – practical, straightforward, durable, beautiful. Being eco-friendly is paramount to her and she only uses plant-tanned leather and eco-friendly materials for her pieces. Whenever possible, the federally certified saddler is also happy to cater to individual wishes. Her shop on Münstergasse is both workshop and store, allowing insight into the manufacturing process and thus giving visits a personal touch.

Sattlerei Fiona Losinger, Münstergasse 48

Debora Rentsch

The Bernese label Debora Rentsch with its shop and atelier has been around for a decade and stands for unostentatious fashion design for women. The basics are easily combinable and can be turned around or inside-out and worn in different ways. They are made exclusively from natural materials such as cotton, silk and rayon. In her fight against waste, Debora Rentsch’s motto is "When it comes to fashion, less, but well considered and selected is definitely more." When sewing her clothes, the designer focuses especially on quality and elegant details, making them staple pieces in her customers’ wardrobes.

c/o rytz, Kramgasse 5

Nathalie Pellon Textildesign

Playing with colours and coming up with special compositions is textile designer Nathalie Pellon’s passion. Twice a year, she designs a new fabric collection inspired by a specific topic. The designer’s aim is to tell stories with her creations, which includes extensive research beforehand. She uses photographs, drawings, paintings, embroidery and computer-edited images as a basis for her designs. The colourful, patterned fabrics are available by the metre or already turned into fashion accessories – whichever you choose, they are guaranteed brighten up your day.

c/o ooonyva, Münstergasse 35

Yadê Couture by Sadiye Demir

Trained dressmaker Sadiye Demir set up her first own studio Yadê Couture in 2018 – with great success: the Bernese designer was invited to present her first haute couture collection at London Fashion Week in 2021. She designs haute couture and prêt-à-porter collections which can be purchased at the TOKU store in Bern’s Old City. In her community atelier the designer offers, among other things, custom-made and model designs for her clients. Yadê Couture by Sadiye Demir stands for elegance and colourful fabrics in combination with versatile, oftentimes orient-inspired designs.

c/o Toku Store, Gerechtigkeitsgasse 53

Sabina Brägger

Young designer Sabina Brägger manufactures designer pieces made from fish skins, leftover leathers and old motorcycle clothes, sourcing her raw materials from the Tropenhaus Frutigen, the saddlery in Riedbach, and bison meat producers. By using skins, leather and wool, the Bern native takes a stand against the waste of resources and, at the same time, produces unique bracelets and handbags. In her designs, she has found a sustainable way to implement her vision of new products. Her one-of-a-kind pieces, made in Switzerland from local materials, are available in her online store.

Sabina Brägger, Onlineshop


Unique, colourful, durable and sustainable – these four adjectives best describe the garments of designers Susanne Pfeffer and Nicole Verbeek. The modularity of their collections helps to move away from the classic seasonal cycles in fashion. In spring and autumn, new pieces are added to complement existing styles to create new outfits. As mothers (among other things), Pfeffer and Verbeek rely on flexibility, which is exactly what their fashion embodies. And thanks to the individual adaptability of the pieces, they remain customers’ favourites in every phase of life. They are designed in a studio in Bätterkinden in cooperation with other designers.

c/o Rytz, Kramgasse 5


It’s the ingenious lines and the precise interplay of cuts and materials that make the signature Viento look. A Viento dress is durable and timeless. Classic denim, Scottish tartan, elegant prints - the range and quality of the fabrics are as much a part of Viento as its long-standing partnerships with suppliers and customers. Anja Boije and Andrea Hostettler have been designing women’s wear in Bern since 1986. Their award-winning collections are manufactured in Eastern Switzerland and the canton of Ticino and can be purchased exclusively at their Nydeggstalden studio. Individual customizations can also be made.

Viento, Nydeggstalden 24

Keramikdesign Irene Bernegger

Inspired by traditional themes, ceramic designer Irene Bernegger creates artistic ceramics for everyday use out of porcelain characterized by their fragile material and reduced forms. In her studio in Bern’s “Breitsch” (Breitenrain neighbourhood), she produces elegant lamps, vases and table settings that have a tranquility about them that contrasts with today’s fast-paced world. The porcelain objects designed with the greatest care by Irene Bernegger are available by appointment at her studio at the Greyerzstrasse 47 in Bern or at Ooonyva.

c/o ooonyva, Münstergasse 35

Adrian Reber

Bernese designer Adrian Reber makes knitwear with a focus on workmanship, quality and comfort. His pieces, which are designed and produced in Switzerland, were originally intended for men, but can be worn by everyone. The basis of his creations is always a place and a season. He draws his inspiration from travels, but also from smells, sounds and dolce far niente – and he likes to go down unconventional paths every once in a while: “Not every piece has to be commercial, unwearable pieces are also allowed a place in my collections. That’s how people become aware of me.”

c/o Swiss Design Market, Zeughausgasse 29

Tabitha Wermuth

Fashion designer Tabitha Wermuth’s creations are characterized by minimalism, clear lines, and ingenious details. Thanks to their timeless designs, her pieces are easily combinable and can be worn for years. And you always have the opportunity to add new ones due to the continuous production of new collections. The Bern native designs women’s clothes exclusively from vegan and organically produced natural materials that she herself enjoys wearing, and almost everything, from the design process to manufacturing, takes place in her atelier in Wabern near Bern.

c/o Laufmeter Showroom (auf Anmeldung), Muri

Laufmeter offers a carefully curated selection of Swiss fashion labels online. Its main highlight is the annual fashion show Modeschau uf dr Gass, where the street is turned into a runway.

le boudoir by Sandra Lemp

The exclusive and luxurious lingerie label le boudoir was founded in 2006 by designer Sandra Lemp. Her collections are characterized by a simplistic, modern style that is both cultivated and sexy. Sandra Lemp uses select materials that she combines in a way that gives every piece the unique “le boudoir” touch. Its signature look are the different layers of fabric in different shades and different textures. The lingerie of le boudoir (a boudoir being a small, elegantly decorated dressing room) is indeed a pleasure to put on – and take off.

“le boudoir”, Optingenstrasse 54

pierrot & pierrette

Designer Zara Nydegger focuses on sustainable fashion, simple cuts and pretty details – making so much more than just clothes: her creations quickly become her customers’ new favourite garments and faithful travel companions. Each pierrot & pierrette collection is inspired by the place in which the designer is currently located and symbolizes adventure, which always begins with a new journey. In the spring and the fall, the impressions from the different cultures are reinterpreted with different textiles in small series. Have fun discovering!

c/o ooonyva, Münstergasse 35

Hb Eyewear Switzerland

Hb Eyewear Switzerland stands for handcrafted wooden (sun)glasses for every occasion, made for people who love high-quality pieces. When designing his eye wear, Bern native Marco Zimmermann focuses on innovation and quality, combining traditional Swiss wood with state-of-the-art technology, functionality, and design. Bern may be the birthplace and manufacturing site of Marco Zimmermann’s glasses, but they are at home all around the world. And no wonder: they don’t only look great, they also feel great – like nature’s gentle touch.

Hb Eyewear, Wylerringstrasse 39


With her label, fashion designer Sandra Soltermann takes a stand for slow fashion, defying the exploitation, greed and wastefulness of the mainstream fashion industry. The focus is on sustainable and fairly produced fashion for everyone that is comfortable to wear and simple, yet elegant. Soltermann’s designs are a result of her many different experiences – she was originally an international stage dancer and choreographer. The Bern native designs her collections in her studio in the Lorraine neighbourhood, the clothes are manufactured in Ticino – ensuring a sustainable production chain is important to her. By the way: the label’s name, “etris” comes from the Greek word for symmetry.

Etris, Lagerweg 8

GÅL Schmuck

The jewelry of goldsmith Fabienne Gål is elegant, timeless, sustainable and fair. Special care is taken to ensure that only recycled precious metals as well as natural gold and gemstones found in Switzerland are used for the production of the carefully handcrafted jewelry. The small goldsmith’s studio run by Fabienne Gål and her partner is located in Bern’s Länggass neighbourhood. Whether you’re looking for wedding bands or custom-designed pieces: in the charming studio on Muesmattstrasse, GÅL Schmuck will make your jewelry dreams come true – with a lot of care, individuality, and heart and soul.

Gal Schmuck, Muesmattstrasse 39