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In the photo, two women discover the treasures of an open-air clothes shop under the picturesque arcades in Bern's old town. The arch in the background creates an inviting atmosphere and lends the picture a certain depth. The relaxed mood and the pleasant tranquillity between the stalls reflect the cosy flair of shopping in this historic setting.

Bernese Treasures

Published: 27.05.2024

Shopping in Bern’s Old City is a unique experience. Countless quaint shops, elegant boutiques and creative studios can be found below the historic arcades. Here are some of our favourites!



“Life is like a box of chocolates!” – proof can be found in the store “feines”. Bern natives Michèle and Steffi design playful stationery products that range from postcards, notepads, and planners to handmade rubber stamps and stickers. With their creations, they want to bring colour into our everyday lives and put smiles on our faces. Environmentally friendly production is important to them, and everything that is sold at feines was produced in Europe or even in Bern. We find it hard to leave the store without treating ourselves to one of their pretty products!


A platform for Swiss design and an inspiring place for creative minds to meet and exchange ideas: Mint stands for a creative collective with a shared exhibition space. With their shop, Heidi Schumacher and her daughter Anna support independent and local labels – brands such as lavie and Sode are part of the collective. From Naturaglace’s natural cosmetics to timeless jewellery from les solides to cozy scarves by Textiles Heidi Schumacher or Japanese-inspired clothing from Sode and studio osoi – everything sold at Mint is produced locally and with a wonderful eye for detail.


Bazaar58 on Gerechtigkeitsgasse alley is mainly famous for its impressive array of buttons. Be it wood, mother of pearl, horn or vegetable ivory – they come in all shapes, colours, and materials. But that’s not all: you’ll also find clothes, bags and backpacks that are designed and sometimes even sewn in the in-house studio. There are also pretty home accessories, posters and postcards created by talented illustrators, and many other everyday treasures.

Chat Noir

If you’re looking for a witty gift, creative decorative item, or small treat, you’re sure to find it at Chat Noir. For over 40 years, the store has been selling all kinds of postcards, posters, decorations, and gifts. The many fun little things you’ll discover while browsing will never fail to put a smile on your face – for this reason alone, we can highly recommend a visit. And at the store’s little sister, Le Petit Chat Noir at 4 Theaterplatz, you’ll find everything a child’s heart desires, whether it’s colourful wooden toy boats, friendship books with cute animal pictures, or kindergarten bags with adventurous space motifs.

Maison Art

Beautify your life. One step into Maison Art is enough to make you reconsider your home decorations. The French-inspired boutique is filled with accessories you might not need but that will definitely make you happy. Filigree jewellery, beauty products and selected clothes from various labels are available here. Oh and, our four-legged friends won’t go home with empty paws either. How about a colourful, handmade dog collar?


When entering Yamatuti, you won’t know where to look first: the countless colourful accessories, small and large gifts, household objects and children’s clothes will all try to catch your eye at the same time. Kitsch and trinkets are not hidden away, but rather put in the spotlight. Whether you’re looking for a farewell gift for a work colleague, a Secret Santa gift for a friend or a cool decorative item for your own home – you’ll find it at Yamatuti. We promise!

Klötzli Messerschmiede Bern

For over 175 years, the Klötzli family has devoted itself to the art of making knives. The popular store at 84 Rathausgasse, run by Siblings Nina and Samuel Klötzli in the sixth generation, offers the largest selection of knives and scissors in all of Switzerland! They offer a grinding service and products range from Swiss Army knives, kitchen knives, folding knives, pocketknives, and outdoor and leisure knives to swords and pocket tools of all sorts.



This store in Bern’s Old City has the potential to transform the kitchen of any amateur cook into a perfectly equipped gourmet space. Beautiful porcelain and glass tableware is neatly arranged on the shelves, colanders hang from the ceiling, and kitchen appliances in all shapes and colours serve as eyecatchers and handy gadgets in one. Now if that doesn’t make you want to put on your apron and start cooking ... “bon appétit”!


A tiny world of beautiful wooden figurines by different artists awaits at HolzArt: there are piano-playing Santas, grumpy nutcrackers, guardian angels with balloons, and Easter bunnies wearing suits and bow ties. Be it for your shadow box, Christmas tree or the bedside table – you’ll definitely want to take home some of these miniature works of art.

Flair Blumen- & Hofboutique

This flower boutique demands your attention from far away: the shop in the old town shows an exquisite selection of its beautiful flower arrangements and creations out on the street. Go on and do take a step inside though, because the Flair Blumen- & Hofboutique also sells mouthwatering jams and syrups. All the delicacies are produced on the organic farm Kardenhof in the Bernese Seeland, just like most of the so-called «Slowflowers» (regional flowers with organic quality).

Iljos Cucina

Iljos Cucina stands for great tableware and cool household items. In this store in the Old City, you’ll discover an incredibly diverse range of great products: beautiful Moroccan tea glasses are waiting to be brought home and filled with fresh, sweet mint tea, creative cookie cutters will make you want to get started on Christmas cookies no matter what time of year it is, and the delicate sugar roses are quite literally the icing on the cake. And that is just a small selection of what Iljos Cucina has to offer. By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.


Colourful garlands, ceramic tea sets and creative garden gnomes – “einLaden” sells lovingly designed and produced accessories and everyday objects, made at the workplaces of the Werkstätten Bern by people who have performance limitations due to psychological issues. Our favourite products are the little wooden houses for wild bees that can be placed on the balcony or in the garden – they look beautiful and, as an added bonus, are a good deed for the local bee population.


You might have a hard time finding your way back out of the multi-storey Bernese furniture store “intraform”: the labyrinth of small galleries, staircases and mezzanines is a mecca for furniture fans, design enthusiasts and architecture aficionados – we could spend hours marvelling at the exhibited designer pieces. Mario Franz, who runs the store in the Old City in the second generation, provides competent and friendly assistance. By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.



The three O’s of “ooonyva” stand for the three creative minds behind the chic store: Bernese designers Debora Rentsch, Zara Nydegger and Nathalie Pellon showcase and sell their own labels as well as pieces from guest designers. You’ll find colourful, creative fabrics and patterns, clean-cut lines, and everyday companions that can be combined in countless ways. Don’t be surprised if you hear the rattling of a sewing machine from the back of the store – they also tailor at “ooonyva”.


Feinfracht offers high-quality clothing and accessories for the modern man. The unique designer products all tell their own story and stand out thanks to quality craftsmanship. Whether it’s Swedish “Indigofera” jeans, brass key chains from the Japanese brand “Rinouma”, Red Wing shoes from Minnesota, or storm lamps, nail brushes and elegant stationery – you’ll find everything a man’s heart desires.


From a very young age, Arlette Schneider designed her own fashion collections – back then, they were made out of garbage bags. So, it’s only logical that she now runs her own fashion business. The Bern native has dedicated her work entirely to Slow Fashion. In her store in the Old City, you will find exquisite garments by Swiss and European designers – ecologically and sustainably produced, elegant and timeless pieces that can be worn every day.


The atmosphere at Stoor on Rathausgasse alley is young and urban. The clothes sold here are sustainably and ethically produced, so there’s no need to feel guilty if you can’t hold back while shopping. And that’s quite a realistic scenario, because this store in Bern’s Old City is a veritable treasure trove: beautiful, high-quality pieces from select labels celebrate our individuality. After all, who wants mass-produced, off-the-rack stuff?

eniline – fashion | bar | suits

Does your off-the-rack suit pinch or is it too short or too long? eniline will take care of you. They make coats, shirts, trousers and suits to measure to give you the perfect appearance for gala evenings, weddings or business events. But of course, selected clothing items are also available off the rack. If you get thirsty while trying on clothes or having your measures taken, you can make your way to the bar at the front of the shop. By the way: eniline is a family business, run by the Schlapbach brothers.


The Holländerturm tower, which served as a defence tower in the 13th century, now houses a store that sells handmade shoes from selected manufacturers. The family-run business stands for beautiful and, most importantly, comfortable and ecological footwear. The soft leather shoes from the Portuguese brand Softinos or the Italian quality label Halmanera will let you stroll through Bern’s alleys completely blister-free. For kids, there’s little moccasins made of natural leather from the New Zealand manufacturer Bobux. Absolutely adorable! By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.


Kitchener’s beginnings date back to the swinging sixties, when a basement store in the lower part of the Old City sold second-hand Afghan fur coats, Indian jewelry, and hippie posters. Today, Kitchener is a nationally known concept store that offers much more than “just” the iconic Kitchener gym bags: there’s plenty of fashion, accessories, decorative items, and stationery for sale in the stylish store. And since 2006, they’ve been selling high-quality designer products under the label “Kitchener Plus”.


Olmo, the iconic clothing store with brands ranging from A for Adidas to F for Freitag to V for Vans, has been a fixture in Bern since 1977. Even Bernese cult band ZüriWest pops in regularly, and the Olmo shoe store on Zeughausgasse alley has even served as the backdrop for an autograph session. Olmo streetwear is also available at Olmo Splendid in the von Werdt-Passage, at G-Star on Theaterplatz square, and at the Olmo Outlet in the Breitenrain neighbourhood. By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.

Toku swiss labels

“TO I KU (Toku)” is the Japanese word for «special». That description fits like a glove because at Toku, fashion enthusiasts can buy high-quality clothes, accessories and shoes from selected Swiss labels. A particularly impressive eye-catcher: the cult shoe Zoccoli by Tokushuu which can be seen and heard on international runways. The wooden sandals are produced in the company’s factory in Münchenbuchsee near Bern, the leather comes from cattle in the region and the soles are made in northern Italy.


Fizzen was supposed to be a bicycle shop for the so-called Dutch «Fietsen». However, when the founders travelled to Amsterdam in the 90s, they brought back a pile of second-hand clothing instead of bicycles. Today, Fizzen sells vintage and new fashion pieces and accessories for hipsters, retro fans and everyone in between. Before they end up on display, all the second-hand clothes – sold under the label «Rework» – are washed, mended and sometimes jazzed up a bit with a more modern cut in Köniz.


If you see a horde of mostly young people camping out on Zeughausgasse alley with sleeping bags and mats, you haven’t walked into an urban scout camp – they’re waiting to snatch a pair of new, exclusive sneakers as soon as the store opens. Titolo is known throughout Switzerland as THE mecca for sneaker fans! You can find sneakers from all brands and in all colours and variations.


Coup de Chapeau

Stepping into Coup de Chapeau feels like stepping into a time capsule. The store in Bern’s Old City sells short and long gloves, elegant walking canes, fashionable umbrellas, and an incredible selection of ladies’ and men’s hats: bowler hats, Panama hats, flat caps, hats made from felt, straw, leather – there’s something to suit every taste and head. By the way, owner Michel Curchod runs his own little hat museum right above the store.

Punctum Aureum

For about 30 years, unique pieces of jewellery have been carefully handcrafted in the lower old town. No matter if it’s rings, bracelets, necklaces or ear studs, Punctum Aureum’s goldsmiths will fulfil your every wish. And with their skilful craftsmanship and the right polish, they can even give old jewellery a new life. The goldsmith puts particular emphasis on ecological and high-quality materials – all its precious metals come from reliable sources and are fully utilised.

Uhrsachen (“all things watches”)

This fourth-generation family business is passionately committed to watchmaking. Unique collections from smaller, mostly independent designers are part of the watch shop’s extensive and stylish range, and even vintage watch lovers will find their perfect time piece here. The shop has curated its selection of watches following its motto “Tick different”, and also produces smaller series in unusual collaborations. The shop is definitely worth a visit, not only for watch-o-philes. Also: you can use the BernCity gift card here.

Zigerli + Iff

For more than 130 years, Goldsmith Zigerli + Iff has been selling brand-name watches and jewellery as well as its own creations. The Bernese business has been in the same family for four generations and located in the same charming vaulted cellar since 1911. Our recommendation for lovers and engaged couples: it’s the perfect special and elegant setting for picking out wedding rings. By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.

Bijoux Stadelmann

The third generation of the Stadelmann family and its employees create beautiful, delicate goldsmith’s pieces. The Bernese jewellery collection with the “Mutz” is particularly well known: be it as a necklace or on a key ring, the silver bear is omnipresent. For avid equestrians, Bijoux Stadelmann also has a collection that revolves around horses. By the way: you can use the BernCity gift card to shop here.

Denise Boutellier

Das Goldschmiedeatelier von Denise Boutellier an der Münstergasse ist eine wahre Augenweide. Seit 25 Jahren schmiedet sie hier einzigartige Schmuckstücke. Dabei kombiniert sie Weiss- oder Rotgold mit bunten Edelsteinen. Rote oder grüne Turmaline, türkisfarbene Aquamarine oder Mondsteine in warmen Erdfarben. Mit einem Einkauf bei Denise Boutelliers Atelier wird scheinbar auch etwas für die Gesundheit getan: Denn Edelsteine sehen nicht nur wunderschön aus, ihnen wird auch eine heilende Wirkung nachgesagt.


Drachenäscht (Dragon’s Nest)

The Drachenäscht makes young and old hearts beat faster: the two-storey shop on Bern’s Rathausgasse is THE place for card and board games, comics and – obviously – dragons. The huge range leaves games fans spoilt for choice, but luckily, the passionate shop assistants are always happy to help. In addition to selling games, the shop also produces new games, for example the widely known “Tichu”. A little recommendation: the Drachenäscht regularly organises game events für playful people of all ages.


Moms and dads, aunts and uncles, godmothers and godfathers, beware! The baby and children’s store U-Tiger might just send you into a buying frenzy. Practical things like baby and children’s beds, changing tables and mats, beautiful toys made of fabric and wood, paper lamps, as well as selected children’s books await. It was love at first sight with the beautiful stuffed animals and small baby tooth boxes, but we also love the tiny little leather moccasins.

Le Petit Chat Noir

Colourful music boxes, lunch boxes with smiling clouds on them, plush hedgehogs, crocodiles, and sharks, the book that tells the funny story of the adventurous mouse ... If you like Bern’s iconic shop Chat Noir on 53 Marktgasse, you will love its little sister. At Le Petit Chat Noir at 4 Theaterplatz, proud (grand/god)parents can discover all kinds of gifts for their little ones – all high-quality and carefully selected.

Beauty care


Aerni is a perfect one-stop shop. Only a few steps lie between the hairdresser’s chair and the wellness area, or the fashion collection and the fresh mint tea at the bar. The high, arched windows, columns and stuccoed ceilings are remnants of what used to be a luxurious, Art Nouveau style lobby: over a century ago, this was the Simplon Hotel. A beautiful place to unwind and dream of times gone by.

Art of Scent

The perfume studio “art of scent” is a fragrant and calming oasis in the middle of Bern’s Old City. Dozens of fragrances in elegant flasks are neatly lined up, inviting you to dive into the inspiring world of scents. Our recommendation: the Bern Collection, which consists of the perfumes “aarewasser” and “finn” inspired by the local river and the Bern Animal Park, BearPark’s papa bear, respectively. If you’re up for it, you can even create your own personalized fragrance under the expert guidance of perfumer Brigitte Witschi. Opening hours by appointment, but the fragrances can also be purchased at the Rathausapotheke pharmacy!

Whether he opts for a five o’clock shadow, a moustache, a full beard, or a clean-shaven face: the modern man* – and above all his facial hair – wants to be well groomed. is a pro at beard care, and its products are available at Büchi Optik in the Old City. On the shelves, you’ll find sandalwood beard balm, Hungarian beard wax made from fragrant beeswax, and foaming shaving soap in stylish wooden containers. Utensils such as safety razors, shaving brushes and beard sets are also sold here. also teaches courses on the perfect shave.


Zur Chäshütte

The Chäshütte in the Old City is a Bernese fixture: it was run by the Heugel family for four generations until the Bärfuss brothers took over in 2014. In addition to the large selection of cheeses (the “Belper Knolle” is a huge hit!), you’ll also find products from local farms, syrup from the Sirupier de Berne, Bernese liquors such as Ingwerer and Chili-Schnouz, and homemade antipasti which the Bärfuss brothers have been selling at the farmer’s market in Münstergasse alley for years. Rumour has it that their fondue blend, a family recipe that uses six different types of cheese, is the best in town.

Vom Fass (“from the barrel”)

Ginger-grape balsamic vinegar, apricot seed oil or maybe a flavoured grappa? Vom Fass delivers what the name promises, and tasting is expressly encouraged. Huge wood and glass barrels filled with delicate vinegars and oils, liquors and spirits – foodies are sure to find their favourite flavour combination here. And: the products can be filled into elegant glass bottles on site. We really liked the bear-shaped ones – very fitting for Bern. By the way: you can also use the BernCity gift card here.

Confiserie Tschirren

Did you know that Bern is the birthplace of chocolate? No wonder chocoholics love it here – and at Confiserie Tschirren especially: the handmade truffles, cakes, and chocolate bars will take you straight to chocolate heaven. And the shop of the third-generation family business in Kramgasse looks just like sets from the movie “Chocolat”.

Ferrari Vins et Comestibles

Visiting the Italian speciality shop on Münstergasse alley is like a trip to the Adriatic: Customers are greeted with an authentic “buongiorno”, a radio plays “Azzurro” in the background, and the shelves are filled with Italian delicacies. Fresh pasta and pesto, Parmesan cheese and salami, cantuccini and tartufi, wine and grappa – Italy’s entire culinary spectrum is available. Ferrari Vins et Comestibles has been delighting the locals with edible Dolce Vita since 1921. All that’s left to say is “buon appetito”!

Loeb Lebensmittel

Loeb is a household name in Bern – and not only because of the creative window decorations and the fact that the “Loebegge”, the corner facing Bahnhofplatz (Station Square), is the city’s meeting place. The traditional business has been around since 1881. Its food department has regional specialities, an exotic selection of fruits and vegetables, and delicacies that are hard to come by in other stores. Looking for fragrant Thai basil for an authentic curry? Or maybe fresh, handmade pasta for a spaghetti dinner? If you like good food, you’ll love Loeb’s food department.


Zero-waste is the credo at Palette. Rice, flour, coffee or nuts – everything here is filled into reusable containers, glasses or cloth bags by the customers. It’s Palette’s contribution to a sustainable economy. In addition to food, the co-op in Bern’s Old City also sells eco-friendly cleaning products, containers, and beauty products, preferably local and organic.

Casa Nobile – artisti del cioccolato

Willi Schmutz and Martin Schwarz’ chocolate manufactory is located in the town of Bätterkinden, but they also have a Cioccolateria in Bern’s Rathausgasse alley. And a reputation that precedes them: in the 2018 Choco-Guide, Casa Nobile took first place in both the ranking of the best chocolatiers and the best chocolate in the world. And thanks to the collection “Bärner Momente”, the federal city now even has its very own signature truffles! The chocolate masters combine cocoa paste with local products such as potatoes from an organic farm in the Emmental or cheese from the renowned Jumi dairy, creating very special treats for blissful moments of joy.

Books and music

Serge and Peppers Records

Music sets the tone in Serge Berthoud’s store in Bern’s Old City. Almost every genre – from indie, pop, country and electro to hip-hop or heavy metal – can be found at Serge und Peppers Records. New records are added each week, all hand-picked by the owner. We are convinced: descending the stairs into the vaulted cellar is definitely worth it, even if you’re not a vinyl geek.

Buchhandlung zum Zytglogge

This traditional and charming bookstore just a few steps away from Bern’s Zytglogge (Clock Tower) could easily have been used as a set for the iconic movie “Notting Hill”. It sells works of fiction as well as poetry, with a special focus on regional literature: there’s a shelf filled with Bernese gems such as the Mani Matter songbook or the comic “The Fall” by illustrator Jared Muralt. What we love: selected customers get to display their favourite books in the shop window for a week, and the display cases are curated by artists for one month at a time.


A mecca for bookworms! The shelves seem to bend under the weight of the books, works are lined up alongside each other from floor to ceiling – it feels like thousands of them are waiting for their next owners. The second-hand books are inexpensive and in good condition. Your old books don’t belong in the bin – they belong in the Bücher-Brockenhaus!

The Voodoo Rhythm & Pantichrist Hardware Store

The record label “Voodoo Rhythm Records” is internationally known in the underground music market and has bands from all over the world under contract. The label, which specialises in trashy rock ‘n’ roll, was founded by Beat “Reverend Beat-Man” Zeller in Bern in 1992. Fans can browse through merchandise and vinyl records in his vaulted cellar below the restaurant Harmonie.

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