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A group of cheerful people and a dog swim and float on an inflatable boat on a river, against the backdrop of an impressive urban backdrop, conveying a sense of freedom and summer fun.

Welcome to Bern

Dipping into one of Bern’s free outdoor pools, enjoying a gelato from one of the excellent gelaterias, or going for a hike in the scenic Gantrisch Nature Park – the possibilities for excursions and experiences in the region of Bern are practically endless.

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Attractions in Bern

From sporting activities to cultural events, from family fun with children to a shopping tour with friends under the arcades: Bern has a range of sights and attractions in store for visitors.

Discover the region of Bern

Whether it's the height of summer or the depths of winter, whether it's ‘bräntet’ or ‘Chatze haglet’ - in and around Bern there are excursion and recreation destinations for every weather and every taste.

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