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Two people look at a smartphone together and smile while standing in front of a picturesque backdrop with a city view and blossoming trees, suggesting a relaxed but busy atmosphere.

Welcome to the business destination of Bern

Seminars, meetings, congresses, events - surrounded by nature and centrally located in Europe, Bern offers everything that makes event planners' hearts beat faster: Classic and innovative locations with modern infrastructure, a wide range of accommodation, short distances and plenty of culture for the social programme.

Bern as a destination for business? Absolutely!

Bern is located in the middle of Europe, in the heart of Switzerland. That is exactly why the federal city is perfect for events of all kinds: it is quick and easy to reach, and very well connected, nationally and internationally. Most Swiss attractions - the Swiss Alps for example - are just a half-day trip or a day trip away.

  • Efficient

    The federal city is located in the centre of Europe, saving travellers valuable time with short journeys from location to location. And thanks to the Bern Ticket, they can use public transport free of charge and move around sustainably.

  • Peaceful

    Take a stroll through Bern’s alleys and enjoy the view of the surrounding nature. Bernese people are focused and cosmopolitan, and they deliberately cultivate a laidback way of life that translates to visitors and event organisers almost immediately.

  • Diverse

    From classic to innovative locations, accommodation, and culinary options, from active or educational activities to a varied cultural programme – Bern has a highlight for every taste.

  • Connected

    The Bern Convention Bureau will gladly put you in contact with the right people, support you from the initial enquiry to the successful realisation of your event and provide tips that only locals can give. And all of that in four languages.

What are you planning next?

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Media and press releases

The city and region of Berne have a lot to offer media professionals: Here you will find the latest news and the right contact for all your questions.