Hiking Tour Bern-Worb

SchweizMobil Route 2: Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 10, Bern–Worb

The 488‑km Trans Swiss Trail is a long-distance hiking route which takes walkers from Porrentruy to Mendrisio in 32 stages.

The tenth stage of the Trans Swiss Trail starts in the center of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Bern. After passing through different areas of the city, including the Bern Zoological Garden and the Elfenau Park, it leads walkers along the Aare and through one of Switzerland’s most beautiful riverside landscapes.

  • Information
    Length 16 km
    Hiking time
    4 h 05 min
    Hiking time Worb–Bern 4 h 00 min
    Requirements easy (hiking trail)
    Conditions easy
    Height difference
    340 m
    Height difference
    260 m
  • SchweizMobil: Hiking in Switzerland


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