Swiss Bike Park Oberried

Trails and tracks for every level: trying out the brand-new pump track in Oberried, only a 40-minute bike ride from Bern, is a fun activity for bike cracks of all ages.

The planning process for the Swiss Bike Park Oberried took eleven years, but it was time well spent – the result is great. The park, about 40 minutes from Bern by bike or 20 by car, caters to everyone: visitors of all ages and skill levels can try out the many trails and tracks and have fun in the large park. The most important aspects are having a great experience and learning new skills.

Jump lines, pump tracks, stairs, berms, educational and fun trails: on some 30000 square metres, the Swiss Bike Park has everyone’s needs covered, from amateurs to top athletes. The park also includes wide trails, a track for specialised bikes and a panoramic route around Oberried, enabling a barrier-free access for everyone. Visiting the park is free.

By the way: the Swiss Bike Park also has a scientific purpose. The bikers’ experiences provide important insight and findings that can be used for training, science and traffic safety. Digital measuring devices and cameras will be added to the Swiss Bike Park and a service building will be constructed by spring 2021.

  • How to reach the Swiss Bike Park Oberried

    We recommend using the public transport (leaves every half-hour from Bern’s main station) to Niederscherli or Thörishaus and riding to Oberried by bike from there. There’s a limited number of parking spots.

  • Opening Hours
    From March 2020 Daily 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Take notice:
    To access the jumps, you must inquire at the park in advance and you will be supervised. Certain skill stations are closed when the ground is wet.

    • The park is not supervised, use at your own risk.
    • We recommend wearing a helmet, and for the pump track, a full face helmet and protective gear.
  • Admission

    All Swiss Bike Park sites can be used for free.

  • Information
    Food There are no restaurants in Oberried. Construction on the Swiss Bike Park Building including a restaurant will begin in 2020. The nearest restaurants are located in Thörishaus.
    Accommodation There is no overnight accommodation in Oberried. The nearest hotels are in Thörishaus.
    Bike rental Various bikes can be rented from Thömus on site, the bike shop is located directly next to the Swiss Bike Park.

Hop on your bike and let’s go!

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