Swiss Bike Park Oberried

Trails and tracks for every level: trying out the brand-new pump track in Oberried, only a 40-minute bicycle ride or 20-minute drive from Bern, is a fun activity for bike fans of all ages.

The planning process for the Swiss Bike Park Oberried took eleven years, but the time was used wisely – the result is great. The park caters to everyone: children, teenagers and adults of all ages and skill levels can try out the tracks and have fun in the diverse park. The most important aspects are having a great experience and learning new skills.

Swiss Bike Park

By the way: the Swiss Bike Park also has a scientific side. The bikers’ experiences provide important insight and findings that can be used for training, sport science and traffic safety.

Digital measuring devices and cameras will be added to the Swiss Bike Park and a service building will be constructed by spring 2021.

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