Hiking Tour Eggiwil-Schangnau

SchweizMobil Route 2: Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 14, Eggiwil-Schangnau

The 488‑km Trans Swiss Trail is a long-distance hiking route which takes walkers from Porrentruy to Mendrisio in 32 stages.

The fourteenth stage of the Trans Swiss Trail is a ridge walk along the west flank of the Pfyffer. Breathtaking views of Schrattenflue and Hohgant, bulwarks of the Alpine foothills, await walkers from the top of Wachthubel. A descent towards Schangnau then follows, passing by the black buffalo which have made Schangnau famous for its mozzarella.

  • Information
    Length 13 km
    Hiking time
    4 h 40 min
    Hiking time Schangnau–Eggiwil 4 h 25 min
    Requirements easy (hiking trail)
    Conditions medium
    Height difference
    820 m
    Height difference Schangnau–Eggiwil 620 m
  • SchweizMobil: Hiking in Switzerland


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