Gäggersteg Boardwalk

Even from a distance, the boardwalk trail at the foot of the Gägger in Rüschegg stands out sharply against the background of green forest. Offering splendid views of the Gantrisch mountain range, interesting facts about biodiversity in the forest reserve, and fun puzzles for younger hikers, the trail guarantees an exciting outing every time.

The Gäggersteg boardwalk in the Gantrisch Nature Park was reopened in June 2020. The trail zigzags in and out of the forest, sometimes just slightly elevated over the ground and sometimes eight meters above the treetops. From this perspective, you gain a different view of the landscape that was almost completely destroyed by Storm Lothar in 1999, and nature enthusiasts can see that the forest has recovered from the massive damage caused by the storm – and in some ways even profited from it. Combined with the fantastic panoramic view of the entire Gantrisch mountain chain, exploring the Gäggersteg boardwalk is a memorable highlight for young and old – and not just designed for people who have a head for heights.

Entertaining Family Trail – With Türst and the Wild Animals

The Gäggersteg has something very special in store for the youngest explorers and adventurers. The approximately 3-km long circular route (families should plan for about two hours to complete it) can be hiked by the youngsters along with wild Türst, a character from a children’s book. Right at the beginning of the hike, they will be introduced to the story of the wild Türst vom Gägger and then set off in search of clues, secret hiding places and the eight mysterious runes. At each designated spot along the way, Türst reveals a little more about himself and his goats. During the hike, the “super sleuths”, together with their parents, grandparents or other companions, will learn many exciting and interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the forest. Once the kids have collected all of the runes, they can use them to discover a key word – and even receive a reward at the end!

Hiking Fun on the Panoramaweg

The best tip for hiking fans is to combine a visit to the Gäggersteg boardwalk with an extended hike. How about the Gantrisch Panoramaweg (SwitzerlandMobility Route 379), for example, in the foothills of the Alps? This 21-km panoramic trail takes you on a high-altitude hike from Plaffeien to Gurnigelbad. It boasts many awe-inspiring lookout points and well-maintained, signposted hiking trails.

The starting point is in Zollhaus bei Plaffeien in the canton of Fribourg. Passing through Hällstett and crossing the Horbüel pass, it continues on to Pfyffe and then over the Gäggersteg boardwalk to Süftene. From there the trail leads over the Schüpfeflue to the Selibüel lookout and then to the Gurnigel Berghaus mountain restaurant and down to Gurnigelbad. If you are interested in visiting the Gäggersteg boardwalk, remember that the trail can also be hiked in the opposite direction and shortened from Gurnigel Berghaus to the Gäggersteg.

  • Information
    Length 21 km
    Hiking time
    Plaffeien (Zollhaus)–Gurnigelbad
    7 h 25 min
    Hiking time Gurnigelbad–Plaffeien (Zollhaus) 7 h 10 min
    Level of difficulty Easy (hiking trail)
    Route conditions Difficult
    Altitude difference
    Plaffeien (Zollhaus)–Gurnigelbad
    1150 m
    Altitude difference
    Gurnigelbad–Plaffeien (Zollhaus)
    850 m
  • Getting to Gäggersteg

    Public transport

    We recommend that you use public transport to arrive. From the Thurnen or Schwarzenburg train station, take the Post bus number 323 and get off at the «Gurnigel, Wasserscheide» stop. From there the hiking trail is marked in the direction of Gäggersteg (approx. 1h 30min).

    By car

    Public parking spaces are located at the «Schutzhütte» cabin and just below the Schwarzenbühl restaurant. The number of parking spaces is limited, which is why we recommend using public transport. Alternatively, you can park your car at the Ottenleuenbad ski lift (3 km on foot) or at Gurnigel in the Panzerplatte Stierenhütte parking area and at the «Wasserscheide» watershed (both 7 km on foot).

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