The granary (Kornhaus)

The Granary (Kornhaus) is regarded as one of Bern's chief examples of High Baroque architecture. As it was no longer serving its original purpose, it was turned into a festival venue in 1893.

Originally the three upper floors were used to store grain while the cellar provided storage for barrels of wine from tithes and domaines.

As the Granary (Kornhaus) had no longer been serving its original purpose since the start of the 19th century and was instead serving as a pub, it was turned into a festival venue in 1893.

In 1998 the new Granary (Kornhaus) was opened in the center of Bern. It developed into a versatile cultural venue and meeting place with facilities including the City Theater's Kornhausbühne, Kornhaus Library, Library for Design, the Forum for Media and Design and two dining establishments, the Kornhauskeller and Kornhauscafé.

Twelve pillars feature Bernese women's traditional costumes, and representations of 31 musicians dressed in the German traditional attire for men in the Renaissance period embellish the spaces between the arches. Mythological figures are also depicted, including the man in the moon, a dragon, a mermaid and others. What has emerged is a folkloristic panorama taking on the character of a painted history book.

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