Brunch at Ferdinand Coffee

Enjoying brunch at Ferdinand Coffee also means doing something good for people and the environment. The in-house coffee is roasted using environmentally friendly technologies and the colourful coffee variations radiate positive energy.

Ferdinand Coffee is not your run-of-the-mill brunch venue. After an extensive "Zmörgele" (breakfast), you can buy everything you need to brew a delicious cup of Ferdinand Coffee at home, like the high-quality barista coffee machine including beans.

But let’s talk about the most important thing first: brunch. Breakfast lovers will squeal in delight when they’re served the three-tiered brunch étagère. They come with freshly baked "Gipfeli" (croissants), delicious jams, a wide selection of fruit and, on the lowest level, assorted cold cuts and sliced cheeses that will make your heart pitter-patter. Of course, your coffee cravings will not be neglected at Ferdinand in the "Breitsch" (Breitenrain district) – and you can always ask for a refill. This is the only way for guests to sample the wide range of coffees made from locally roasted beans. Insider tip: brighten up cloudy days with a cup of the colourful "Rainbow Coffee".

Sustainability at Ferdinand is not limited to locally roasted coffee beans and short transport routes. The packaging of the coffee beans and capsules are made from reusable materials and recycled paper and the beans are packaged by people with special needs in sheltered workshops. A coffee with a history like that can only taste good.

Incidentally, this restaurant’s name was inspired by famous troubadour Mani Matter’s cat. In the song "Dr Ferdinand isch gstorbe" (Ferdinand has died), Matter sings about the death of his beloved cat. At Ferdinand Coffee, he’s getting a second life.

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    Make sure to book beforehand! The brunch étagère must be ordered at least twelve hours in advance to avoid unnecessary food waste.

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