Casino Bern

Experience music. Sonorous. Unplugged. Up close. Great orchestras, small jazz ensembles, famous soloists. That’s Casino Bern.

The Casino Bern is currently undergoing extensive renovation and will be closed until September 2019.

A sonorous delight. Music unplugged and up close. Casino Bern effervesces with the vibrancy of true music, where the wind of fine cuisine blows and the atmosphere tells of good conversation.

The Bern Symphony Orchestra’s late Baroque concert hall home has resounded with ensembles from across the world for over 100 years: a tradition not just to be preserved, but to be brought to life.

In modern halls imbued with style and the grandeur of bygone eras, every moment is an experience. Every sound is live, from classical to jazz. And to round it off: a visit to the casino restaurants.

  • Casino Bern

    Casinoplatz 1
    3011 Bern

    T T +41 31 328 02 00

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