Breakfast at the Kaffee und Bar Rösterei (café and bar roasting house)

This urban restaurant does not only serve freshly roasted coffee but also a delicious breakfast. It is located at Güterstrasse 6 in Bern’s industrial district but it could just as well be in London’s trendy Soho district.

This pub with factory charm combines café, sales shop, and roasting house under one roof. This is where Blasercafé is produced, meaning the wonderful smell of freshly roasted beans is always wafting through the air here. And the baristas know what they’re doing – as they should: their espresso, cappuccino, cold brew, and other coffee creations will make any caffein lover happy.

Every Saturday, you can start your day with "Gipfeli" (croissants) and crispy muesli. The roasting house also offers a selection of filled focaccias as well as meat and cheese platters. In the mood for something hearty in the morning? Then we recommend the pork sausages with fresh bread and mustard. After breakfast, it’s worth browsing through the small but exquisite shop.

  • Fact

    “Third time’s the charm…”: there’s two more branches of the popular café at Gurtengasse 6 and Schanzenstrasse 1 – both near Bern main station.

  • Rösterei, Kaffee und Bar

    Güterstrasse 6
    3008 Bern

    T +41 31 380 55 88

    Website Directions

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