Bern for the Bernese

Hand on heart, how well do you really know Bern? Be prepared for a few surprises!

Even people who wander beneath the arcades day after day often know little about their own city. Our guide will take you on a voyage of discovery through unknown, undiscovered Bern. And where are the bears on Bear's Square (Bärenplatz)? Prison Tower (Käfigturm) was the men’s prison, but where did the women «do their time»?

  • Tours for Groups
    Tour available Year-round
    Duration 90 minutes
    Price CHF 250.00 per group
    Languages German, English, French
    Note Max. 20 persons

    Sales and assistance at +41 (0)31 328 12 12 or

  • City Tours Bern

    Bahnhofplatz 10a
    3011 Bern

    T +41 31 328 12 12


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