On the Trail of Bern’s Colonial Past

This tour explores Bern’s colonial past – including financial speculation, ethnological expositions, and a South African plant that somehow found its way to the Swiss capital.

Switzerland was neither a colonial power nor a seafaring nation, and yet Swiss trading companies and families were still involved in activities such as investing in slavery, exporting textiles or traveling abroad as natural scientists.

Traces of Bern’s involvement in the slave trade and colonialism are still visible in the city – if not at first glance. Discover a different side of Bern, and learn about the city’s history and stories related to slavery, racist stereotypes, and colonialism without colonies.

  • Private tours
    Availability all year
    Duration 90 minutes
    Price CHF 25 per person (for groups of 10 or more)
    Package price for school classes CHF 250
    Language German, French, English
    Remarks Max. 20 people per group; registration at info@cooperaxion.org or +41 31 535 12 62
  • Stiftung Cooperaxion

    Optingerstrasse 12
    3013 Bern

    T +41 31 535 12 62

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