«Tour de pain» Stroll through the old town with the Bernese Bread Sommelier

Whenever the resourceful Bernese Bread Sommelier is not working on a new bread creation in the bakery or performing other tricks, he is leading foodies and gourmets through the streets of Bern’s Old Town. The owner of the popular old town bakery «Bread à porter» takes people with a thirst for knowledge and food on a culinary stroll through the arcades of the lower old town, making his bread not only tasty but also tangible on the «Tour de Pain».

What is the connection between the city fire in 1405 and Bern’s bakery trade? And how does the Zytglogge (Clock Tower) get its Stollen (fruit bread)? In the Ankelaube, Patrik Bohnenblust will pull a toasted butter bread with a tangy «old town» terrine and an «old town» apple iced tea from his very purple cargo bike. On the «Pläfe» (minster terrace), with an enchanting view of the Aare and a fruity glass of Hättebärg wine, he will tell the story of how this fine beverage is connected to Bern’s minster. And the participants will realise just how much magic can be found in sourdough bread when they taste the popular Junkerbrot (nobleman bread) at the Geisterhaus (ghost house).

On his «Tour de Pain», Patrik Bohnenblust succeeds in creating a charming interplay between enjoyment for all five senses, historical facts, and the secrets of the Bernese bread scene. If you’ve always wanted to watch real Bernese sourdough bread grow, you can do so at the end of the tour in «Bread à porter»‘s open bakery. (shhh: They say you can even stick your nose in it …). At the end, everybody will get a souvenir from the bakery to take home - «à porter».

  • Information and prices
    Season All year round
    Duration Approx. 2.5 hours
    Number of participants 5-15 persons
    Price 5 persons à CHF 120
    6-10 persons à CHF 100
    11-15 persons à CHF 90
    Included in the price Creations by the Bernese Bread Sommelier with sides and beverage, as well as a souvenir from the bakery.
    Remarks Alcoholic beverages matching the dishes will be served. The «Tour de Pain» mainly takes place outdoors, so weatherproof clothing is recommended.

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