Planning a Meeting

Whether you are organizing a strategic meeting, a management meeting or a multi-day seminar – with the support of the Bern Convention Bureau, your event will be a guaranteed success.

Benefit from the knowledge and years of experience of the experts at the Bern Convention Bureau. The team offers professional, competent, objective and free consulting and support in everything from the planning to the completion of your event. We will put you in touch with the right people, venues and hotels, take charge of the registrations, organize arrivals and transfers and offer professional support from A to Z. With the help of the team at the Bern Convention Bureau, the event is sure to become a success!

An overview of our services

  • Costs

    All services are tailored to your needs, and many of them are free of charge:

    • Option A: free of charge
    • Option B: CHF 35.00 (excl. VAT) per registered person
    • Option C: CHF 50.00 (excl. VAT) per registered person
    Services Option A Option B Option C
    Hotel reservation
    Reservation of the venue and
    Reservation of the transfers and
    complementary activities
    Registration by category -
    Compilation of a list of participants -
    Organizing the details of the transfer
    and/or complementary activities
    Collection - -
    Itemized billing - -
  • More information

    Are the participants of your event spending the night in Bern? The Meeting Team at the Bern Convention Bureau can help you make the hotel reservations.

    When it comes to the booking of the hotel rooms, you can choose from two options:

    Option 1

    Make it easier for the participants to find a hotel room by putting a booking link on your website. The participants book their own rooms (with the credit card as a guarantee) and pay for them once they’re there. The team at the Bern Convention Bureau takes care of the room quota and regularly informs you about the online bookings and the current room quota. There are no financial risks for you if rooms are not booked.

    Option 2

    You are in charge of the room quota and send us a list of participants. We contact you one day ahead of the deadline and inform you about the cancellation policy. You can choose how many rooms you would like to keep in the quota and which rooms should be cancelled.

    There are two payment options for option 2:

    1. The entire costs are payed in advance by the first deadline (30 days before the event). All invoices will be sent as early as possible. Changes can be credited or invoiced, respectively, after the event. We reserve the right to cancel booked services if the advance payment is not transferred by the set deadline.
    2. All costs for the overnight stays are settled at the hotel before departure, your credit card is used solely as a guarantee for the hotel. The hotel is entitled to charge accommodation costs to the indicated credit card in the case of late cancellations or non-appearance.

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