Select Conference Hotels in the Bern Region

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to the countryside: these seven choice conference hotels are especially suited for conventions, seminars and the like. The serene, idyllic setting will inspire and animate you and create the perfect environment for a successful meeting.

Just a stone’s throw from the busy city lies the beautiful Bernese countryside with its flowing streams, green meadows, rolling hills and excellent venues. The seven conference hotels set in these magnificent surroundings are run with a lot of passion, character and a hospitality that will make you feel welcome and relaxed. The charming hoteliers accommodate their guest’s every wish and make sure everybody is happy. 

  • The “Auserlesene Seminarhotels” Label

    Originally an alliance of hotels from the Emmental region, the “Auserlesene Seminarhotels” (select conference hotels) label has become a synergetic cooperation between hotels from different sub-regions of the destination Bern. The hotels make use of synergies, for example when it comes to the purchase of consumables or through regular exchange, and their joint appearance generates recognition value. The result? A practical network of exceptional conference venues that enable successful meetings, their advantages and benefits highlighted in a charming way and with a personal touch.

    Would you like to profit from the cooperation as well? The following criteria must be met:


    Main criteria: 

    Rural hotel, quietly located, nestled in the landscape

    High-quality service

    High willingness for cooperation

    Modern conference infrastructure with free Wi-Fi

    Good regional cuisine, preferably with regional ingredients

    Dedicated host, hotel ideally run by the owner


    Additional criteria:

    1 conference room of at least 60 m2, 2 group workrooms with daylight and the possibility of breaks outside the rooms

    All rooms must have a separate entrance

    Sufficient and appropriate work lighting

    Possibility of darkening the rooms

    Informative conference documentation with floor plans of the rooms and seating options

    1 video projector, 1 overhead projector, or 1 visualizer

    Flip charts and pin boards

    If you’re interested, we look forward to hearing from you. 


    Making your own cheese over an open fire, brewing beer in the castle courtyard, or clearing your head during an e-bike tour: the Bern region offers numerous team activities that are ideal additions to a stay in one of the conference hotels. And don’t hesitate to contact the conference hotels directly, too – they also offer many fun and interesting activities.