25.11.2024 Berner Zibelemärit (Onion Market)

The Zibelemärit is a traditional folk festival held on the fourth Monday of every November. Farmers from the surrounding areas head to the Swiss capital with more than 50 metric tons of onions and garlic in artistically woven braids.

  • Fact

    There are no official program points at the Zibelemärit. If you want to be swept away by the Bernese way of Living, it is best to go into the hustle and bustle and let the "Märitstimmung" (market atmosphere) take effect on you.

When the scent of onion tarts and mulled wine wafts through the streets of Switzerland’s capital, the day of Bern’s traditional “Zibelemärit” (Onion Market) has come. Thousands of visitors get up early in the morning to stroll through the upper part of the Old City and enjoy the combination of farmer’s market and fair. The many food and goods stalls sell creatively braided onion strands, delicious onion tarts, wonderfully fragrant “Chnoblibrot” (garlic bread), steaming mulled wine and other warm beverages.

Tourist Information is also on its feet early at Zibelemärit: From 8:00 a.m., the Bern experts at the Tourist Information at Berns main station will answer all questions.

Here are our tips for all onion fans.

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    Don't feel like getting up so early? No problem: If you spend one or more nights in the city of Bern, you receive a Bern Ticket which allows you to use public transport for free in fare zones 100/101.

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    The Emmental Show Dairy has lots of tasty recipes and ingredients for onion tarts and other treats.

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    If you don't have time to stop by the Zibelemärit after work: The Tourist Information at the train station also sells onion braids – the perfect souvenir for your loved ones.

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