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Daycare center or all-day school – what is the difference? Where can you find childcare in a foreign language? What are the advantages and disadvantages of private or public, local or international schools? Contact us for ore more information on childcare and education systems.

Activities with children

There is a great deal for children to experience and discover in Bern, such as the bears at the Bern Animal Park or the Dählhölzli Zoo, the adventure park or the many playgrounds in the city.


  • Playgroups
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Daycare centers (KITA)

    General information

    • Daycare centers are open from Monday to Friday, usually from 07.00 to 18.00.
    • As a rule, children can go to a KITA from the age of 3 months, but some also accept children at a later age.
    • The KITA can define a minimum number of days on which you must have your child looked after in order for him/her to be admitted (e.g. three days per week).
    • Some KITAs take children until they start with kindergarten and others will take care of your child until the end of kindergarden.
    • The costs depend on the income and assets of the parents, as well as on the amount of care required and the number of children.
    • Certain KITA are subsidized. The city of Bern reduces the costs of childcare with childcare vouchers. The application can be submitted online.
    • Childcare vouchers will also be available for non-residents of Bern from the summer of 2020.
    • Most KITA have a waiting list. We strongly recommend that you reserve a KITA spot as early as possible directly with the KITA.

    Overview KITA

    Bilingual/multilingual KITA

    • Gaia Montessori: New trilingual (German/English/French) day nursery (1-3 years) and kindergarten (3-6 years). Currently located in Gümligen, planned to move to Wabern
    • Popepoppa: Bilingual (German/French) KITA near the public school in French ECLF
    • Globegarden: Bilingual (German/English) KITA
    • Feusi: Bilingual (German/English) day nursery (6 months-4 years) and pre-school (3-4 years)

    Children with special needs


    • Whenever possible, choose a KITA in your own neighborhood, since your child will be enrolled in the local kindergarten where you live. This ensures that the travel time from the KITA to the kindergarten and vice versa is as short as possible.
  • Fact

    Did you know that certain daycare facilities have been awarded quality labels, such as “Fourchette verte”?


Switzerland is well known for its flexible and high-quality schooling system. Which type of schooling best suits your personal situation (financial circumstances, child's mother tongue, length of stay in Switzerland, etc.)? Which institution is responsible for recognizing a diploma? Where can you study German?

Parental Counseling

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