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A new country, international relations and multicultural employees: Exchange inspires and enriches, fascinates and makes us think. Here you will find some sources that provide an idea of the culture as well as the political scene in Switzerland.


Return of the cattle from the Alps

Anybody looking for alphorns and cows, chocolate and cheese, yodeling and flag-waving? Of course, you can find all of the typically Swiss highlights in and around Bern, but each canton – even each village – has its own unique traditions and customs.

Information about Swiss Society, Customs, Traditions and Culture 

Large Traditional Events in and Around Bern

Religious Communities

  • Numerous religious communities are represented in the capital city with meeting places of their own. The House of Religions Verlinkung is a meeting place for Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Alevis and Buddhists, all of whom can find suitable spaces here for their ceremonies. Exhibitions, lectures and discussions are also organized regularly.
  • As well, some churches hold services in other languages, mainly French, English and Spanish.


The Council of States

The federal city of Bern is located in the heart of Switzerland – right at the intersection where the German- and French-speaking parts of the country meet. It is also where the Federal Assembly convenes, acting as the highest authority in Switzerland. Thanks to its federalist system and direct democracy, active discourse is promoted on a political level between the federal government, cantons, municipalities and the general population. You are invited to discover and participate in this worldwide unique system!

Additional information

  • Fact

    Did you know that the Swiss people have the last word in political decisions? This is one of the reasons why Switzerland is known as a direct democracy.

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