In 2019, Bern was awarded the “Energy City Gold” label for its commitment to sustainability and received the best score ever given in Switzerland (87.2 of 100 points). Internationally, Bern also leads the list of over 400 cities as the best-rated city. Find out more about Bern’s efforts in the area of sustainability and how you can get involved in some sustainable projects yourself.

Sustainability Policy of the City of Bern

The city of Bern is actively engaged in many different areas in order to be an exemplary sustainability role model. Bern residents also take care of their city on an individual level because they appreciate the green park areas, the clean water of the Aare river, and the quiet neighborhood streets. By disposing of your waste appropriately and keeping your ecological footprint small, you, too, can make an important contribution.

  • Fact

    Did you know that Bern has been a certified "Fair Trade Town” since 2017? A Fair Trade Town is an internation-al distinction given to cities and municipalities that are committed to fair trade and the sustainable use of resources, especially in the areas of sourcing goods and food at a government level.

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