Recreation & Enjoyment

Bern locals have really perfected the art of living! They love to find a seat and take in the breathtaking mountain panorama in the distance, swim in the Aare river, or stroll leisurely beneath the charming arcades of the Old Town. We can help you discover how and where the people of Bern live life to the fullest in this capital of leisure.


Leisure Tips for Enjoying Bern and Its Surroundings

Why are there bears in Bern? Where did Einstein develop his theory of relativity? In which neighborhoods were the melt-in-your-mouth Lindt balls and the world-famous Toblerone chocolate bars invented? You will find the answers to all these questions and more on our city tours through the capital city. In addition to unique city tours, more exciting experiences await you, such as visiting bees on the roof of a city hotel, relaxing bike tours or a visit to a show dairy.


An overview of events in and around Bern can be found in the Bern event calendar of Bern Welcome (the German version is more comprehensive).

Ron Orp is a source of information for concerts, events and other activities (in German only). There is a newsletter which informs daily.


  • The well-preserved buildings in Bern's old town date from the Middle Ages. For contemporary architecture we recommend a visit to the Zentrum Paul Klee or the leisure and shopping experience centre Westside.
  • Architecture
    Renzo Piano
  • Architecture
    Zentrum Paul Klee
    Renzo Piano
  • Fact

    Did you know that there are more than 100 fountains in Bern’s UNESCO-designated Old Town offering drinking water of such high quality that it meets the purity requirements of mineral water? The history of Bern's water supply dates back to the Middle Ages. This Zähringer city already had numerous water supply points for its inhabitants in the 13th century.

Shopping & Markets

Anyone strolling through Bern's Old Town will be amazed by the impressive number of local shops, boutiques and studios lining the streets. The city of Bern promotes local businesses to ensure that the old town retains its irresistible charm.

Culinary Highlights

Whether you're looking for inexpensive or gourmet, a table in a traditional vaulted cellar or with a view of the city – we have put together a selection of culinary experiences for you. Please note this is a selection, the choices may vary according to the season.


Are you looking for a luxury or business hotel in Bern? Or would you like your guests to stay in a hotel full of traditional charm just outside the city? Here is a selection of accommodation options for you to choose from.

Selected Luxury Hotels in Downtown Bern

Selected Hotels in the Bern Region


In and around Bern you will find larger and smaller wellness oases where you can let yourself be pampered.

Wellness in Bern

Wellness in the Regions

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