UNESCO World Heritage

Founded in 1191, Bern’s Old Town is an urban gem without equal. This is why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

The architectionic treasures of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town enchant time and time again an because it was built on a little peninsula surrounded by the Aare river, all the sights are close by and easy to reach by tram, bus or on foot.

The alleys and 6 kilometers / 4 miles of arcades - typical features of the Bernese Old Town - form one of the longest covered shopping promenades of Europe. From international brands, to local boutiques or specialist shops - visitors will find certainly find what they are looking for when discovering the Bernese Old Town.

There are a wealth of additional sights hidden within the sandstone facades that are well worth discovering:

  • The Parliament Building with its Parliament Square
  • Berns landmark the Zytglogge (Clock Tower)
  • The traditional BearPark
  • The river Aare that invites to go urban swimming or simply enjoy the sun at the riverpool Marzili
  • Over 100 fountains that provide guests fresh drinking water.

Besides Bern is a city of superlatives: fairest flower city of Europe, birthplace of Einsteins theory of relativity, cradle of the Toblerone chocolate and location of the biggest collection of the painter Paul Klee.

If you add to this mix the cultural variety, the laid back lifestyle and the high density of open-air cafés, traditional bars and gourmet restaurants - Bern has all the characteristics needed for a perfect city-trip destination.

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