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Tourists gaze intently at the historic Zytglogge clock in Bern, a landmark full of history and craftsmanship that inspires wonder and admiration. The atmosphere is characterised by cultural interest and a desire to discover.
The picture shows a group of people listening to a city guide on the Bundesplatz in front of the Bundeshaus in Bern. The sun casts soft shadows and creates a relaxed, attentive atmosphere, while the listeners, wrapped in warm clothing, appear interested and curious. The atmosphere is calm and culturally enriching.
The photo shows a group of people taking part in a city tour. They are standing in a historic street in Bern with cobblestones and traditional buildings with arcades. At the end of the street you can see the Zytglogge with its clockwork. The atmosphere is relaxed and the participants are interested as they take in the explanations and enjoy the charming surroundings.

City tour «UNESCO Stroll through the old city»

The little alleys, baroque buildings and important sights of the medieval city tell an exciting story. Find out about Bern’s history on the classic UNESCO tour of the Old City.

Private tour

from CHF 300.00

Public tour

from CHF 12.00

Privat ecombined tour

This tour can only be booked by telephone on +41 31 328 12 12 or by e-mail to

from CHF 375.00

Public combined tour

from CHF 18.00

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Albert Einstein, Paul Klee and Friedrich Dürrenmatt all lived in Bern for a while and have walked beneath the arcades and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere on the Minster terrace.

Be it famous guests, locals or tourists from all over the world – Bern’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fascinates everyone with its distinctive limestone buildings, charming alleys and impressive monuments. The guided tour takes participants to all the places that visitors from near and far love and gives them an interesting insight into Bern’s history.

Don’t forget to bring your own bottle to fill! Because there’s nothing better than sipping fresh fountain water while on the tour.

The 90-minute walk takes guests through the Old City, on cobbled streets, past hidden nooks and onto historical city squares. You will hear facts and anecdotes, funny and serious stories, information about the past and the present. From the Bernese Minster in the late Gothic style, the Parliament Building and the Kornhaus (Granary) with the “Chindlifresserbrunnen” (Ogre Fountain) to Käfigturm (Prison Tower) and Bern’s oldest city gate – there’s so much to discover. You’ll learn about Bern’s background and what defined and defines the medieval city.

This tour is entertaining, interesting and fun for locals and tourists alike. By the way: the programme can be personalized if you have special requests.

The UNESCO Stroll through the Old City is also available in combination with the Tour of the Zytglogge (Clock Tower).

Guided tours and language offers

Private tour
Meeting point
1h 30min
  • 60 minutes - CHF 300.00
  • 90 minutes - CHF 300.00
  • 120 minutes - CHF 300.00
German, French, Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
Number of participants
Maximum 20 people per group

Meeting point

City Tours Bern
Bahnhofplatz 10a
3011 Bern

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