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Enjoy a fresh beer with friends on the terrace of the Old Tram Depot in Bern, with a magnificent view of the old town and Bern Cathedral. A perfect place to relax and chat.

Beer Capital

Can you hear it bubbling and fizzingin the beer capital? 200 breweries and microbreweries – more than anywhere else in Switzerland – are registered here. It’s no wonder that locally brewed craft beer and Bern go together just like hops and malt do!

The city tour with after-work beer

On the Lust und Laster - the “Fübi” edition tour, Bern shows its mysterious and seductive side, revealing facts that cannot be found in the history books. Shortly after the start, participants are each given an after-work beer to take with them (non-alcoholic if desired). At half-time, there's a “Bärner Müntschi” from the Felsenau brewery on the Bundesterrasse – cooled by fresh water from a Bernese fountain – and a nut mix from the charming unpackaged shop Palette.

At half-time, there's a “Bärner Müntschi” from the Felsenau brewery on the Bundesterrasse – cooled by fresh water from a Bernese fountain

Bernese Beer Tour

Try out the Bernese Beer Tour: you’ll get to know and taste different beers and spend a relaxed evening moving from one iconic beer bar to the next. The tour begins at the Altes Tramdepot and continues to OnTap and Au Trappiste, a bar steeped in history, and then ends at Barbière. At every stop, experienced beer sommeliers and sommelières from Bern share fun anecdotes and key facts and figures. You’ll be more than well equipped for the next round of small talk over a few beers.

Bern brewery tour

Raise the tankards! The 550 seats were sold out in no time. Equipped with tankards and a route map, the beer fans travel from brewery to brewery to celebrate Bern's beer diversity. The meeting point is at the Felsenau brewery on the River Aare, then it's off through Bern's neighbourhoods and on to Wabräu in Wabern - where any tired legs are quickly forgotten as the evening draws to a close with a cold beer.

Beer Places in Bern


Did you know that Burgdorf beer has a long and even international history to tell? In 1871, the most modern brewery in Switzerland at the time opened in Burgdorf, exporting its beer as far away as Paris. After a “dry spell” lasting around 80 years, local beer has been brewed in Burgdorf again since summer 1999. All the facts and background to these events now need to be told by local master brewers. To make today's significance tangible, tasting is of course also part of the tour. The well-known Burgdorf brewery and the microbrewery Üelus-Homebrew tap their latest creations for the guests. It's time to uncover the brewery secrets.

Oberaargau Beer Trail

Just as the monks once travelled through the countryside and brewed beer in the monasteries, this is now possible in Oberaargau. Perhaps not quite – instead of brewing the beer yourself, you can visit the breweries to taste and learn about it. There are five tasting stations amidst picturesque hilly landscapes. Regional breweries provide insights into their brewing skills and offer their delicious creations. The culinary offerings are also top-notch: at each stop there is a snack for the road and at the end of the tour you can stop off at the Bahnhof restaurant in Rohrbach for the well-known cordon bleu. Close to nature and lively – that's the Oberaargau Beer Trail in a nutshell.

Bärner Beer Round

In November, the taps are turned on at the Bärner Bier Rundi. Together with friends, you can sample Bern's regional beer diversity. And it's huge! From pale ale to amber to bock: the brewers will have their best creations ready for tasting and their best stories to tell. There's also plenty on offer for the hungry. The whole programme is rounded off with snack stands and musical accompaniment. So let's get started on the beer experience!

BLS – Nostalgic beer train

When the tap is connected, it means full speed ahead – on the BLS nostalgia beer train. The limited number of seats sold out in no time. But don't worry, in 2025 it's the same story again: where you can travel through the Bernese countryside in antique armchairs, the beer tastes twice as good. On the route in the BLS Foundation's historic “Blue Arrow”, from Bern via Langnau to Wollhusen and back again, experienced beer sommeliers will pass on their expertise to those thirsty for knowledge. And, of course, your thirst for beer and growling stomach will be quenched with regional specialities.