Impact Hub Bern

  • max. Kapazität : 50
  • Zentrale Lage : Ja/Yes
  • Terrasse : Ja/Yes

“How about a little more?” is the motto of the Impact Hub, located just a two-minute walk from Bern’s main station. Not only does it have the right spaces for meetings, workshops, and events with live audiences, but it also offers training sessions, keynotes, community networking events and incubation programmes to go with them.

  • Carbon neutral Carbon neutral : Yes
  • Barrier-free Barrier-free : Yes
  • Distance to Train Station Distance to Train Station : 280m
  • Public Transit Public Transit : 42m

The Impact Hub Bern is a place for innovation, encounters, and value-based entrepreneurship. Founded in the year 2016 in historic Krompholz House, the centrally located hub is a workshop for committed and future-oriented people aspiring to leave a positive mark on the world.

Adapted to the requirements of the professional world 4.0, the Impact Hub Bern offers flexible workstations in the co-working space for collaborations as well as a lounge and a rooftop terrace for inspiring encounters. The combination of modern workshop and meeting rooms and a dynamic co-working setting meets the needs of today’s working world and promotes a creative, innovative, participative way of working. Discover the diverse opportunities that the Impact Hub Bern has to offer.

Rooms and Capacities

  • Loft
    • Concert Concert : 65
    • Seminar Seminar : 25
    • Cocktail reception Cocktail reception : 65
    • Banquet square Banquet square : 20
    • Block shape Block shape : 20
    • Size Size : 65m2
    • Room height Room height : 6m
  • Impact Room
    • Concert Concert : 15
    • Block shape Block shape : 15
    • Size Size : 38m2
    • Room height Room height : 3.3m
  • Living Room
    • Block shape Block shape : 10
    • Size Size : 23m2
    • Room height Room height : 3.3m
  • Think Tank
    • Block shape Block shape : 8
    • Size Size : 16m2
    • Room height Room height : 2.7m

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