The Art of the Gin & Tonic: A Workshop

Take a popular juniper schnapps and a very special kind of water, add the knowledge of Peter Jauch (gin expert) and Michael Hugi (Tom’s Tonic Water), and give everything a spirited stir! At the unique Gin & Tonic Workshop in Bern’s Kreissaal Bar, participants learn how to make – and properly use – their own tonic water. Well then – gin gin!

Somewhat dark and mysterious and beloved by the locals precisely because of its inconspicuous and minimalist appearance on the outside, the Kreissaal Bar is not only living Bernese bar culture, but also the predestined location for an inspired, unforgettable gin workshop. While Peter Jauch shares his expertise as well as the history of one of the most popular cocktails, Michael Hugi teaches participants how to create a unique tonic water from fresh ingredients, from the selection of the botanicals to the preparation of the syrup.

Make your own tonic water, discover your taste preferences, choose your favourite gin, and then find the right proportions and mix them together under professional guidance. Last but not least, add some botanicals to round off your signature drink and give it that certain something. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast, a cocktail pro, or simply curious: Peter Jauch and Michael Hugi’s gin workshop is a guaranteed hit and welcomes groups of work colleagues and friends into the exciting world of the gin & tonic. 

Credit left image: Dennis Weissmantel

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round
    Duration 3–4 hours (standard), can be shortened if desired
    Number of participants Minimum of 10
    Price CHF 150.00 p.p.
    15 participants or more CHF 120.00 p.p.
    Services included in the price Diving into the topics of gin history and different products | Tasting of 10 premium gins | Tasting of different tonic waters | Working on one’s own tonic recipe | Mixing | Water, coffee and snacks
    Remarks Only for persons aged 18 and over
  • about GIN TONIC

    Langwattstrasse 21
    8125 Zollikerberg


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