Team event – dive into this coffee paradise

Play the role of a barista in the team battle and challenge other teams: who knows how to cre-ate the most delicious team coffee? The adventure starts at the Coffee Coaching Club!

Program flow

It all starts with a delightful cup of coffee. Afterwards, the participants can really get into the versatile bean concept, exchange their views on the pleasure of coffee, flavours and their own preferences. Then it’s time to get fully immersed in the fascinating world of coffee. The programme was designed by an expert who’s not only a barista, but a chemist and flavour developer as well.

Then it’s up to the teams to extract their unique team coffees using the various high-end coffee machines and grinders. The blend will be taste-tested and optimised down to the last detail and then presented to the other groups.

So the question that remains is: which team will win?

  • Information and prices
    When All year round on appointment
    Duration 3–4h, starting from 10 people
    Number of participants Up to 18 people
    Price Starting from 7 people, CHF 150.00 per person (VAT included)
    Services included in the price Specialty coffee, culinary treats (vegan options available) such as snacks, pastries, quiches and soft drinks

Impressions from the coffee paradise

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