Little Town and Castle of Laupen

Laupen's medieval town center provides a picturesque setting with its old houses from the 11th century and covered arcades.

Once traversed by Romans, fiercely fought over in the Middle Ages, coveted and conquered by many rulers, and faithfully built up by diligent farmers – the town is home to monuments, witnesses to the town's embattled past during the tumultuous Middle Ages, centuries-old farm culture and traditional craftmanship.

The castle rises majestically over the little town of Laupen. The magnificent castle structure is a regional landmark of national importance. Strategically positioned where the Sense joins the Saane River, this magnificent castle braved the attack of the Habsburgs in the 14th century, saving the city of Bern.

Did you ever want to play lord of the castle or a castle maiden? Those wanting to host an event in a special setting can rent the Rittersaal (knight's hall) or Schlosskeller (castle cellar) at Laupen Castle.

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