Brunch at the Kreuz in Herzogenbuchsee

What comes to mind when we hear “Generationenhaus” (House of Generations)? The first thing is surely the city of Bern. But the Oberaargau, more precisely Herzogenbuchsee, also has a place that welcomes visitors of all ages – and, among other things, serves a tasty, varied brunch once a month.

The Kreuz is not “just” a restaurant, but rather a hotel, a concert venue, a bar, a banquet hall, a music school, and a counselling centre for parents – truly a place for all generations to come together. This includes every third Sunday of the month, when the Kreuz serves up a big brunch buffet.

From 9:45 am to 12:00 pm, guests can indulge on homemade “Züpfe” (plaited bread), breads and jams, tasty cheese platters, traditional rösti with bacon, egg variations and more, including lots of options for vegetarians. Treat yourself to the experience to properly celebrate the most important meal of the day.

Originally acquired and maintained by the Women’s Association of Herzogenbuchsee in 1890, the “Kreuz-Buchsi” (Kreuz Herzogenbuchsee) is quite the success story. It was mainly the women of Herzogenbuchsee who helped transform the Kreuz into a social and cultural centre, which it remains to this day under the motto of former owner Amélie Moser-Moser: “Mache, nid schwätze” (Less chit-chat, more action).

  • Fact

    Early pioneer work: inaugurated in 1891, the “Kreuz-Buchsi” was the first town hall in Switzerland that didn’t serve alcohol.

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