15 ideas for team activities in and around Bern

Are you looking for ideas for team events in Bern? These 15 bucket list ideas are guaranteed to keep groups and teams entertained.

For creative and clever minds

1.     Decode secret messages and hunt the cunning fox on an adventurous Foxtrail Scavenger Hunt.

2.     From “Spooky Bern„ to “All About Water„ to “(Guilty) Pleasures„: experience a collective lightbulb moment on one of the various guided city tours in Bern.

3.     Uncover the green fairy’s secret within 60 minutes in the Novotel Bern Expo’s Adventure Room.

4.     Discover the inside of the Zytglogge tower (Clock Tower) on a guided tour and learn about its over 500-year-old clockwork.

5.     Explore the ruins of an old Mayan temple or fight against a zombie horde in a virtual reality game in the Fusion Arena Bern


For foodies and gourmets 

1.     Try out 14 local beers and learn interesting and funny facts about this malt beverage from professionals on the Bernese Beer Tour.

2.     Conjure up a menu over an open fire and enjoy a soothingly simple outdoor adventure with Chillfood.

3.     Produce your own cheese in the Emmental Show Dairy, just like in the old days.

4.     Observe Kambly’s master confectioners and bake your own biscuits.

5.     Assisted by professionals, produce your own team gin in the Matte Distillery.


For nature fans and wannabe athletes

1.    Get some fresh air and find new inspiration during a relaxing Alpaca Walk.

2.     From the “Laupen Historical Loop„ to “Bern’s Green Belt„ to “Tales of the Gantrisch„ – discover Switzerland’s first scenic cycling routes together on Rent-a-Bike e-bikes.

3.     Trek through Emmental’s winter landscape on a guided snowshoe tour and toast to the experience in the hot tub afterwards.

4.     Indulge in a fondue in the Berghaus Riggisalp in the Nature Park Gantrisch and race down the four-kilometre long sleigh riding trail under the moonlight

5.     From shooting a movie to playing indoor golf to the “Gurten Games„ – try out one of the many team activities on Bern’s local mountain Gurten.




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