Team Building with Horses

Working with horses will quickly bring out your team spirit. The captivating experience away from the office and day-to-day business brings the team together and creates room for new ideas. An authentic way to reach common goals, overcome challenges, and make cooperation within the team even more successful.

A team coaching with horses is an effective and fascinating experience for all team members, during which old patterns and habits are challenged and a change of perspective enabled. Horses are gregarious animals and know that they’re only strong when they’re together. The herd has a dynamic social structure, but the horses are aware of their role and function within the herd at all times. As flight animals, they are also very perceptive and immediately react to the moods and feelings of the individual team members.

Training with these sensitive animals can help defining roles, breaking through communication barriers, solving conflicts, motivating the employees and getting them all on the same page and working toward a shared goal. Teams from all professional fields, sports teams and also families can benefit from these sessions.

  • Information and Prices
    When Year-round
    Duration About four to seven hours, depending on the number of participants
    Number of participants More than 12 participants on request
    Price On request
    Services included in the price Use of the facility, coaching, snack
    Remarks Optional: add a relaxed yoga session and a tasty lunch (price upon request).

Team Building with Horses

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