Congress Ambassador for Bern

The Ambassador Programme and various different Bernese congress ambassadors promote the city of Bern and make it more known, popular, and successful as a site for large-scale events.

The Ambassador Programme brings together influential Bernese personalities from different fields and lines of work. Experts from the economic, medical, technological, educational and tourism sectors meet, exchange views and ideas and profit from each other’s knowledge, know-how and experience. The programme was also brought to life to promote convention activity. The ambassadors support the Bern Convention Bureau in bringing conferences to the federal city. The goal is to establish Bern as a popular site for conventions. The city has a lot of potential to make a name for itself internationally and can keep up with major cities such as London, Paris, or Milan.

Participating in the Ambassador Programme offers many advantages, but it also includes a few (minimal-effort) duties:

  • Representative functions: It is important that the ambassadors fully support Bern as a convention host and that they gladly represent and market the city.

  • Acquisition and advertising: Ambassadors must support he recruitment of new ambassadors and independently advertise the programme. If they have their own (business) website, the Bern Convention Bureau must be mentioned on it.

  • Candidacy dossier: The ambassadors help with the completion of candidacy dossiers. This help can come in the form of a letter of reference or an oral statement about why Bern is the right location for a specific event.

We present to you Bern’s active Congress Ambassadors:

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