Stories of the Aare

From a popular double bassist who balances out the hectic life of a musician by also working as a ferryman to a young school teacher who makes his own surfboards for the Aare river. In a series of enthralling video portraits, five Bernese locals share their personal story of the Aare river.

Laura, journalist and member of the “Gfrörli”-club

There’s no stopping this woman. While others are skiing, Laura jumps into the Aare. As a member of the legendary Bernese “Gfrörli Club”, she goes swimming in the river twice a week, even during winter – no matter how snowy or freezing cold it is!

Julian, school teacher and surfer

Who needs the sea when you’ve got the Aare? Julian is a school teacher who enjoys meeting his friends after work to go bungee surfing – on surfboards he makes himself. It’s like having a piece of Hawaii right in the middle of the Swiss capital city.

Mich Gerber, double bassist and ferryman

The boat is his stage, the Aare his basic rhythm. Double bassist Mich Gerber plays on the river; but besides his career in music, he also works as a ferryman. It’s the perfect job to help him slow down from the daily rush.

Nicole, coach and Aare rafter

If you happen to float by Nicole’s raft on the river, you might be surprised at what you see. The Bernese native occasionally enjoys having cheese fondue with her friends right on the raft. It’s the essence of Bernese leisure and social life.

Brigitte Witschi, perfumer and the creator of “Aarewasser”

The Aare’s cool, tingling freshness, mysterious depths and gentle movement are a source of inspiration. Perfumer Brigitte Witschi drew on these elements in creating the unique fragrance “Aarewasser.”

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