Small Talk Ahoy! 13 Fun Facts and Tales About the Aare River

How do the fish get into the Lorraine pool, and how many bridges cross the Aare river? Why do the Bernese walk at a certain pace and who sings the Aare song? Here are 13 facts about our favorite river so you will be brimming with insider knowledge on your next trip to the Aare.

  • Fact

    It’s important to have a healthy amount of respect for the Aare and inform yourself about the possible risks beforehand. Swimming in the Aare is recommended for experienced swimmers only. The Swiss Lifesaving Society SLRG and the City of Bern provide (vitally) important tips for everyone who spends time in and on the Aare.

But before we get to the important questions, here’s our love letter to the Aare.

  • Aare Map
  • Safety Note

    It is important to treat the Aare with respect and find out more about the dangers before you swim. Swimming in the Aare is only recommended for experienced swimmers and is at your own risk.

    The SLRG and the City of Bern provide vital, potentially lifesaving information for anyone wanting to enjoy themselves on the Aare river.

  • Conservation

    The floodplains along the Aare river are particularly sensitive ecosystems. As a result, almost the entire river landscape between Thun and Bern is protected. We ask all those who stay around or on the Aare river to respect nature, not to leave any rubbish or disturb the animals unnecessarily.

  • Fact

    About fish: Even catfish cavort in the Aare – and what catfish! In the summer of 2017, a 1.95-meter-long, 50-kilogram colossus was fished out of the river. It was released back into the water and might still be found splashing around in the Aare river.

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