8 Bernese Highlights in November

The daylight is slowly fleeing from the cold autumn wind. We can give you eight reasons why you should still leave your house and experience the cultural happenings in the city and region of Bern.

  • Fact

    After your visit to the museum, make sure to grab a bag of roasted chestnuts to warm up your hands and simply delight in this tasty snack.

  • Tipp

    On 11 November at 11 a.m., a special tour is happening at the Museum Cerny, free of charge. You only have to pay the general admission to the theatre. Registration by phone or email is requested.

  • Tipp

    Of course, there are many more events happening in Bern. Take a look at our event calendar.

Speaking of excitement: Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas markets in the city and region of Bern