Mastermind Escape Room Bern

Escape Rooms are an exciting adventure where a group of players is locked into a room and tries to escape within a certain amount of time. The room is filled with puzzles, riddles, clues and tasks that need to be solved in order to open the door and get out.

The participants must use logical thinking, teamwork and creativity to discover the hidden secrets and successfully tackle the challenges. Every room has a specific theme or story that adds to the atmosphere and makes it feel even more real. Be it a mysterious castle, an abandoned lab or a spooky dungeon – an immersive experience awaits the players. The Escape Rooms Bern offer a thrilling activity for families and groups of friends, adrenaline rush included! It’s a great and highly entertaining way to compete against other teams and work together to reach a common goal.

Mastermind Escape Room is now also in Bern, and with it a new premium provider in the heart of the city. Probably the most elaborate, unique and exciting escape rooms await amateur detectives, puzzle buffs, and scavenger hunt experts of all ages near Bern's main station. Their philosophy: combining good stories with tricky puzzles in magical rooms. And of course: having fun together. With good communication and some creative thinking, the teams will be able to solve the ingenious Escape Rooms at Mastermind. Currently, there are five state-of-the-art Escape Rooms available. The highly positive feedback has left Mastermind Escape Rooms Bern no choice but to develop another game for the passionate visitors. The newly opened Escape Room «Diagon Alley H.P» can now be booked.

Put together a team and take it on a journey into the new worlds of Mastermind Escape Rooms in Bern. During the game, smartphones are stored in lockers to enjoy some time offline. Perfect sleuths, numbers geniuses, masters of logic and especially dexterous people – Mastermind is fun for all team members and everyone contributes to the team’s success. Escape Rooms are suited for visitors of almost all ages, and all kinds of different skills and traits are required: the curiosity and impartiality of children, the structured thinking and knowledge of parents, and the wisdom and life experience of grandparents. Experience special moments and unforgettable adventures as a family. And companies, associations and small businesses listen up! With its Live Escape Games, Mastermind offers 60 minutes of adventure and the opportunity to solve missions as a unit and strengthen the team spirit. A novel team building experience that is fun and different.

  • Mastermind Escape Room Bern

    Laupenstrasse 20
    3008 Bern

    T +41 31 398 10 10

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