Brunch at the Land-Café in Hasle near Burgdorf

The Land-Café is located in Burgdorf’s neighbouring village, and the interior decoration as well as the breakfast plates clearly show Mr. and Mrs. Aebi’s flair for creativity and love for detail.

Nowadays, the building houses the Land-Café, but in the past, for over 100 years, pottery was created within its walls. And for three decades, Markus and Evelyne Aebi used the property to design and produce ceramics themselves. You can still buy their ornate clay cups in the small boutique, but since 2012 you’ll mainly find them filled with coffee and tea on the café’s tables.


But there’s much more to marvel at in the restaurant in Hasle near Burgdorf than cups and plates, because the Land-Café is a true breakfast house: from a small breakfast to an extensive «Landzmorge» («farmer’s breakfast») with a glass of prosecco, they serve a brunch menu for every taste, vegetarians included. During summer, we recommend you book a table on the cosy outdoor terrace.

After brunch is before the walk: Hasle near Burgdorf is a great place to take a digestive walk after a hearty breakfast. We recommend following the 7-kilometre-long lakeside path along the Emme to Burgdorf. It’s an ideal route to recharge and reactivate your body after brunch. And: the path is also wheelchair accessible.

  • Tipp

    Take a little timeout in the Emmental: The Land-Café is not only a pottery boutique and breakfast house, but also a romantic mini-hotel.

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