Behind the Scenes of the Unique Niederhornbahn

The Niederhorn in the Bernese Oberland offers 360-degree alpine panorama, “Gämschi” (chamoises), and idyllic nature. But it’s not only the view of Lake Thun and the surrounding mountain landscape that will captivate you on one of the most popular destinations for excursions in Bern: the mountain’s cable car is one of a kind. Why? Find out on a guided tour.

Dive into a world of technical masterpieces and discover the impressive power, technical refinements and enormous machinery that set the cable cars and funicular in motion. Take a look behind the scenes and gain fascinating insight into the operation and maintenance of the Niederhornbahn.

On the tour of the Niederhornbahn, you will see two different modes of transportation: learn more about the history and changes of the funicular, which has connected Beatenbucht bay and the Beatenberg for over 130 years, and find out why the lift with its three pulsed gondolas – a striking part of the panorama – from the Beatenberg to the Niederhorn is the only one of its kind in the entire world.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round upon prior reservation
    Duration 2.5 h – 3 h
    Number of participants Guided tours can be booked for groups of 5 to 15 people. For larger groups, we recommend contacting the cable car company directly.
    Price 74.00 CHF
    Services included in the price Private tour guide
    Funicular ride
    Ride in the unique “Gruppenumlaufbahn” (pulsed gondolas)
    Descent Niederhorn – Beatenbucht bay (individually)
    Visiting all stations
    Visiting the funicular
    Visiting the pulsed gondolas
    Visiting the mechanical rooms, control rooms, depot, etc.
  • Niederhornbahn AG

    Schmockenstrasse 253
    3803 Beatenberg


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