Lake Biel Scooter Ride

On your Scooters, Get Set, Go! Ride through the Vineyards of the Idyllic Seeland Region and Enjoy Wine Made by Local Vintners.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability April–October
    Duration Half-day excursion
    Number of participants 12–100
    Price Flat rate for up to 12 participants: CHF 420.00
    13 participants and more: CHF 35.00 per person

    Tour of a viticulture village: CHF 150.00 per guide, 20 participants max. per guide
    Services included in the price - Scooter ride
    - Helmets
    - Event organisation
    - Excl. VAT

    Upon request:
    - Wine tasting
    - Winzerplättli (“vintner platter”)
    - Tour of the viticulture village
    Remarks In case of rain, you are given free rain ponchos or there is an alternative programme including a tour of the viticulture village. The scooters are equipped with mudguards and mountain bike brakes. That way, your event can take place in all weather conditions.

Lake Biel Scooter Ride

Your trip begins in Ligerz, a quaint village on lake Biel. The funicular will take you up about 4,000 metres to Prêles, where the scooters await. Then, a guide will take you on a fun scooter ride down through the vineyards.

On the way, there will be a pit stop at a local winemaker’s shop for a delicious aperitif including a wine tasting. You will have a breathtaking view of the lake, St. Petersinsel (St. Peter Island), the idyllic Seeland region and the Bernese Alps. Then you’ll continue your ride down the hill, through the vineyards, past the cute “Chilchli” (“little church”) and all the way back to Ligerz.

If you prefer a slower pace and don’t feel like getting on a scooter, you can join the town guide on a stroll through the viticulture villages. End your trip to the Seeland region with a wine tasting with one of the vintners or a fish meal on a terrace on the lake.

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