Mastermind Escape Room Bern

One team, one goal: to get out as fast as possible. While solving puzzles together and search-ing for clues in the Escape Room, you’ll find out who comes up with the most creative escape ideas, who is a logical thinker, who combines the fastest, who manages to always keep their cool – and how valuable each one of those traits is for the team.

How long will it take to open the door and escape to freedom? The Escape Room by Mastermind is not only filled to the brim with tricky puzzles, it also brings the team together: experiencing that adrenaline rush together and creating shared memories strengthens the team spirit. Skillfully combining and utilizing the strengths of each of the team members will get you out faster. Be it a mysterious castle, an abandoned lab or a spooky dungeon – an immersive experience awaits the group in different themed rooms.

If you would like to toast to your regained freedom, you can pre-order an energizing aperitif to be served after the adventure. Group photos for your company’s bulletin board or a family calendar can also be taken.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round
    Duration 60 minutes per game (90 minutes per event)
    Number of participants Teams of 2 for groups of up to 64 people
    Price Starting at CHF 32.00 per person
    Services included in the price 60 minutes of fun and excitement, group photo at the end
    Remarks Prices vary and depend on the group size
    Drinks and snacks upon request
  • Mastermind Escape Room Bern

    Laupenstrasse 20
    3008 Bern

    T +41 31 398 10 10

    Website Directions

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