Bikesharing in Bern

Looking for an easy way to be out and about in Bern? Bike sharing is the magic word. PubliBike’s bicycles and e-bikes get you from A to B quickly and easily.

Bike sharing is an ideal addition to private and public transport for short distances. A bike gets you to your destination more quickly in the city center, whilst also reducing motor traffic.

Bike sharing has become increasingly popular across the world in recent years. From June 2018, you will be able to borrow bikes and e-bikes from fixed stations, cycle around, and return them to a different station. Switzerland’s largest bike sharing network is currently being created in the capital and will ultimately include around 200 stations with 2,400 bikes and e-bikes. Current stations can be seen here.

The bikes have been specially developed for bike sharing and are robust and maneuverable with wide tires (to prevent accidents on tram lines), and can be borrowed using the SwissPass and the PubliBike app. E-bikes can travel at speed of up to 25 kph. Here’s how it works.

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