Beer Stories

How do you actually become a microbrewer? And what do “stinky socks” and a “wet dog” have to do with beer? In three video portraits, Alex, Andrea and Peti tell their very own beer stories.

Beer on Two Wheels

At Oberbottiger Kurbelbräu the name (“Kurbel” is German for crank) and the stunning retro label say it all: The beer is delivered by pure muscle-power alone – with bicycles! Anyone who serves a Kurbelbräu is therefore keeping their ecological footprint within reasonable limits and doing their bit towards building a better world with every sip (the carbon footprint sends its thanks!). Peti Studer and Philip Walker, a lawyer and investment manager as well as triathlon buddies, came up with the idea for the “green” craft beer. When the beer ran out during their triathlon club’s end-of-season celebratory drinks in Bern’s Matte district, the two had to grab extra supplies on their bikes – and then came up with the idea of producing beer themselves in the process. And now, the two friends supply various Bern bars with their own brew, Oberbottiger Kurbelbräu. It can be tasted at the BrauBarBümpliz, among other places.

From Balcony Set-up to Microbrewery

With an industrial building, disused railway tracks and multicolored graffiti as a backdrop, Alex Chevalley and his friend Gianni Brunner brew BrauKunst beer not far from the “Warmbächli-Brache” wasteland. What started out as a beer-inspired idea while sharing an apartment with friends, is now his livelihood. Alex makes a living as a brewer and promotes beer diversity in Bern as a co-founder of the ZAPF! Craft Beer Festival. Alex and Gianni’s creations are also very diverse. Strong, self-assured and independent – that is Florence, a brown pale ale with dark and smooth hints of malt. Leonie on the other hand is light and zesty, with a touch of sweetness – a refreshing wheat beer flavored with citrus-mandarin and caramel malt. What do they and the other beers from the BrauKunst microbrewery have in common? They’re a tribute to the ex-girlfriends of both brewers – from the taste, to the name, through to the description on the website, everything is inspired by the individual women themselves.

Hops, Malt and Grapes

Why are women supposed to only drink Prosecco, champagne and wine? A beer-loving restaurateur herself, Andrea Adamina is all for a diverse and multifaceted drinks menu. And that’s what she’s created at Restaurant Marzer. She considers it very important to offer the perfect accompaniment to suit every palate and every dish. Tea from the Länggass tea shop balances out the aromatic coffee roasts on the menu, regional beer provides equilibrium for the numerous wines... Of course, it’s the guests who decide which drink is the best match. The same goes for the “Beer vs Wine” event series, held regularly at Restaurant Marzer in Bern’s Matte district. It’s a duel to answer the eternal question of which is the best accompanying drink, carried out during a five-course meal.

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