Space Eye

Travelling to the moon, marvelling at distant galaxies, and seeing the constellations up close – isn’t that a dream that almost all of us secretly have? The Space Eye makes it possible! Take a live look into the great unknown that is outer space.

Peek into space through Switzerland’s largest public telescope at the 8K high-end planetarium in the beautiful setting of the Gantrisch Nature Park. You have the opportunity to stargaze both from the historic observatory and from the new observatory designed by Swiss star architect Mario Botta.

The Space Eye invites you to dream, marvel and learn: astronomy, space exploration and sustainability are focus topics at the modern observatory. They are explained to space enthusiasts of all ages in the interactive exhibition, during guided stargazing, and on a discovery trail that also combines technology and nature. The specially developed Space Eye app takes visitors directly to the “Observatorium für Weltraum und Umwelt” (observatory for space and the environment) in a playful and informative way.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Space Eye is also open to visitors without a guided tour – we do recommend booking one for an all-round experience, though. They are offered in German, English and French. Our tip: book an evening slot, then you’re (almost) guaranteed to get a look at the stars through the telescope.

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