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The photo shows a modern restaurant with stylish lighting, elegant tables and an open window front. It conveys a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.
The photo shows an inviting restaurant with rustic décor, wooden furniture and a large chandelier. Flowers on the tables and an oriental rug give the room a warm atmosphere.
The picture shows a group of people sitting around a table eating fondue. They are dipping pieces of bread into a melted cheese fondue in a traditional fondue pot, which is kept warm over a flame. The atmosphere is cosy and convivial, typical of a meal shared in a relaxed atmosphere. Empty plates and glasses can be seen on the table, indicating that the guests are enjoying their meal.

Restaurant Schwellenmätteli

It feels like being on an island on the terrace of the Schwellenmätteli, located on the banks of the River Aare. The adjoining Güggelibeiz invites you to enjoy a chicken feast, and the event room with its large window front provides space for unforgettable occasions.

Useful information

  • City of Bern

Restaurant Terrasse

This restaurant’s spacious outdoor area goes out onto the water and offers stunning views of the Parliament Building, the Bern Minster, and the Old City. We recommend trying the fish dishes or stopping by for coffee and cake in the afternoon.


In the listed, half-timbered building with its romantic garden, the «Güggeli-Beiz» («chicken bistro») invites guests to feast on delicious chicken specialities and vegetarian dishes. A laid-back meeting place for gourmets of all ages.

Event Room

The event room large window facade opens up onto the Aare river and the green park. It fits 50 to 180 guests and can be used for a wide range of occasions thanks to the versatile furniture and modern technical equipment.


A walk along the Aare is as much part of the Bernese Sunday ritual as a “Züpfe” (plaited bread) is a part of breakfast. With a trip to the brunch buffet at Schwellenmätteli you can do both, and even get a glass of Prosecco on top.

At the indulgent buffet in the Schwellenmätteli you’ll find anything form antipasti and “Züpfe” (plaited bread) to muesli, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs.

With brunch so close to the water, fish just has to be on the menu. And is there anything that goes better with smoked salmon than a glass of prosecco? Not really. But, because the brunch at the Schwellenmätteli is family-friendly, they also serve non-alcoholic Rimuss to make a toast. The bubbly for young and old is included in the price, as are all the other breakfast drinks.

A little pro tip: don’t forget to leave room for the dessert buffet. And if you’ve overdone it a bit, you can walk it off along the Aare River right outside the restaurant. Now isn’t that convenient?


Restaurant Schwellenmätteli
Dalmaziquai 11
3005 Bern

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