«bblubb», Bern’s Soap Manufacturer

As well as its exclusive “Bern Seifen" (Bern Soaps), soap manufacturer "Die Seifenmanufaktur bblubb" also makes a wide range of other soap products such as the patented “Bergkristall” (Mountain Crystal) – a souvenir and a memory of the Swiss mountains.

The flagship products are of course the “Bern Seifen” (Bern Soaps). The key flagship is the original “Bärner Bär" (Bern Bear), and Switzerland’s first buffalo milk soap the “Bärner Büffu" (Bern Buffalo).

Upon request, the soap manufacturer also designs and manufactures soaps for museums, companies, and advertising agencies, as giveaways, guest soaps, or customer gifts.

  • bblubb - die Berner Seifenmanufaktur

    Münstergasse 52
    3011 Bern

    T +41 78 670 89 43

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